Thursday, 22 September 2011

T.T.T. 22nd Sept - where is this month going??!!

I'm linking up to the Thursday Think Tank at makingrebeccalynne. A great way to share what things I've thought of doing and reminding myself how much stuff I want to make!

Last week there were a couple of things I wanted to do for the kids but haven't got round to it because of illness and desperately trying to get my quilt on.

I get so much inspiration from all the wonderful bloggers out there. This week I've seen a couple of blocks I would love to try:

What a cool block by Lynne at Lily's Quilts, she has a great tutorial as part of the Desperate Housewives Quiltalong. I'd love to do a whole rainbow of these!

I love everything about this block; the colours, the layout, the fabrics! It's by Angela at Cut to Pieces and she also has a great tutorial on her blog.

If you've managed to keep reading and not be too distracted by those fantastic blogs well done :)

I am hatching a plan in my little brain... I need to keep it a secret but I am going to try and create a quilt with some letters on it. I have no real idea how to piece but I'm going to give it a shot.

Sarah made a lovely quilt making free pieced letters. It was her first attempt and she did an amazing job - check out her wonderful work at Fairy Face Designs.

I imagine it will take a lot of trial and error and expletives but I have to make my secret quilt for a special person (and I'm so bursting to tell someone about it!!). Better leave it at that then for now.

I've got a couple of baby quilts to make and think I'm just going to do something simple, I have some small pieces of nice kiddie fabric and some nice patterns so they should come together fairly easily.

Next up is the DISASTER that is the table our TV stands on. It was super cheap from a charity shop and I'm not really bothered about it but the kids have completely ruined what was already a mess!

Thinking it HAS to be covered! I'm going to use some of this (it's showing up yellow but that fabric has a lovely lime green background):

Then follow these instructions to quilt as I go!


  1. Oh Lucy I am drooling. I too love the paint chips, the table fabric rocks and I like Angela's color choices! I also want to do some new piecing...maybe you can make your letters while I make my paper pieced cupcake and we can help/push each other along!!!

  2. Love the paint chips also! A simple idea is so stunning! I would also like to learn the letters. Maybe I should do that for my shoes quilt that I posted about today. Hmmmm, my to do list keeps growing with every blog I visit today.

  3. Oh! Fransson had a great quilt tutorial series recently on how to create what she called a "billboard" quilt. I can't wait to tackle it after I get the 4" squares back from a swap I'm in! :)

  4. Neat block and I'll be back for the tutorial :)

  5. Lucy, all your quilty plans sound wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about there not being much out there for tutorials on making letters. There is a book that's come out recently by Tonya Ricucci called Word Play Quilts (here's her website with some good galleries for inspiration).

    To make the letters for my quilt (here), I drew the trickier ones out on graph paper and tried to imagine them in sections.

    Have fun - once you get into it, it's really addictive!

  6. Hey Lucy, Oh Fransson! has got a QAL with some letters - you may get some inspiration from hers??