Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little Miss Motivated

I am chuffed to bits! I've finished my first quilt along. Technically I wasn't quilting "along" because it finished years ago (really, it did!) but Crazy Mom Quilts has been kind enough to leave up the tutorial, she has many more and they are fantastic! Go check it out.

This is my finished quilt top!

Here is a photo of it hanging on the curtain pole! Odd but there was no way I was hanging it outside with the crazy wind we have today.

I'm going to work on getting the back done tonight - I think it's going to be pretty scrappy.

Last time I asked how people plan and handle their projects and I was pondering deadlines, is it worth putting pressure on yourself to get things finished?

I got in conversation with the lovely and very funny Rebecca at Making Rebecca Lynne who made me realise we're all generally in the same boat and it was a big motivator. It was like a heavy weight lifted and I was free to get on with it!! Isn't it funny how you can get so stressed out trying to do something, then procrastinate with a million other things until there's a little spark, you realise you don't give a crap when it's finished and then you suddenly have the motivation to do it?!!

Since then everything around me is like a little reminder to quilt:

Hahahaha... Even the kitchen is prodding me to get it quilted!


  1. This is a beautiful top! How do you want to quilt it? The last picture is great, looks like a stained glass window.

    This is funny, I once had a roll of kitchen paper with a cool pattern too, and I used it in one of my quilts. It was a clever pattern with circles. :-)

  2. Lucy, I am so sorry that I am late for the party! As you know I have been busy busy busy and bad about checking in. Personally I love the subtlety in these fabric choices...I am a big fan of small print fabrics but never know how to use them. They are all gorgeous together here and I would love to curl up under this quilt when it is done and examine each and everyone of the prints!

    By the Way - I LOVE the photo of it on the curtain rod. Do you ever think about making curtains like that? Wouldn't it be such a beautiful stained glass effect? Hahahaha...great for a child's room like a real castle...

  3. Great job on your quilt. I agree with the above comments....it looks like stained glass. Good luck with the back of it.

  4. Oh Lucy, you are to funny :):) I love that you have quilting on your mind ALL the time. Me too.!! If i'm working on a project, I will sometimes so over think it . It can drive me nuts.!!!!!! Love you quilt. Just beautiful!! Hugs--Sandie

  5. i love the photo of your quilt up in the window. soooo pretty.

  6. I think the final border finishes it beautifully.

  7. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love that quilt! It's stunning!
    It's so nice to find other quilters from other countries and see the fantastic quilts they make! Thank you for your lovely blog! :)