Wednesday, 7 September 2011

It's raining, it's pouring... and it's all about the sunflowers!

Rain, rain and a bit more rain. That pretty much sums up my day. Oh and some dancing around the room with my children listening to Johnny Cash and a bit of Roy Bailey :)

It did clear up There was a break in the rain this afternoon and we went to play with the two fallen sunflowers in the garden :( 
I took some pictures of the ones still standing, they are terrible but I love the shapes and outlines of the flowers against the sky. I want to keep them for inspiration:

The girl and boy loved picking the heads apart and pulling out all the seeds. I love the textures and shapes of the heads too:

On to more quilty things...

I have finished the quilt top for my daughter. The pattern is by Amy Smart:

I have NO idea how to quilt it - I've only done one before and I did diagonal lines. I'm really not sure what will look best for this one. I want to try free motion and guessing stippling is the best thing to start with. I'm going to have to practice. Does anyone have any tips or advice? Also if you can suggest any other ways to quilt it that wouldn't be too advanced I'd really appreciate it. I was thinking of using pale pink or cream thread, any other ideas?
That's a whole bunch of questions but I'd love some input!

I've managed a couple of blocks for my son's quilt and I'm really going to get on this one now and forge ahead (as well as being bothered to press things before I take pictures!):

I have to finish them both before I can hand them over, only fair they get one each :)

I'm still sewing squares together for my sampler quilt and think I'll be doing that forever, I also need to think about the backing.

Alright less thinking and more action needed!

Please leave comments with any suggestions or advice you have for my daughter's quilt, I'm feeling a little lost today.


  1. Love the brick quilt! Your fabrics are so pretty. They will cheer up even a grey day. I know what I'm talking about too since I live in the Puget Sound!

  2. Your quilt looks great! I'm sorry to be no help whatsoever as far as advice on stippling. I tend to always do straight line quilting about 1/4 inch from the seam lines on quilts like that. Your son's quilt is looking fun!

  3. This is a pattern i have been wanting to try too and I would just do straight line quilting along the seams as Toni suggested as I don't think I could stipple a quilt as big as this one:)

  4. Don't you just love the great big leaves against the sky. Hey Lucy, you are so sweet to tell me the truth that I don't want to hear, that I need leaves. And here I come to your blog and see these wonderful leaves. That makes it so much better. It makes me almost want to make them LOL! Okay to answer your question, as a beginner freemotion quilter, I would think of some things she loves and quilt those on several of the blocks (big so that it takes up several blocks - like big flowers) and then stipple around them to fill in the rest of the squares. And in one area pick a darker color thread and freemotion stitch in her name.

  5. I think pale pink thread would be really pretty. Stippling isn't as hard as I thought it would be; to practice, I whipped up a couple of simple 12" blocks and tried stippling on those until I was comfortable enough to do it on a larger quilt. Perhaps you could do the same, or practice on some scrap fabric first. Either way I can't wait to see it when you're done!

  6. I think just free motion quilting would be pretty on the quilt. When I try stippling I get tired of it really quickly. If I did straight lines, I would go diagonally both directions across the quilt. I think pink thread would be pretty or a variegated. I like the idea of quilting her name in it, too. Whatever you do, it will be beautiful.

  7. i'm not a pink lover, but i adore the fabrics you've chosen for your son's quilt. i also love Johnny Cash. we've been listening to Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man a lot. my 2 year old loves all things with guitar :)