Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I LOVE these fabrics!

I have become totally addicted to fabric! (who here isn't?!)
After a heads-up from Rebecca over at makingrebeccalynne I've been looking over my fabric and picked out my favourites to join the linky fabric party at Patchwork and Play.

Honestly it wasn't hard for me, I don't have loads of fabric to root through and the ones I chose are special because they are scraps given to me by my American cousin. I think a couple are vintage and I have no idea who made them but I LOVE them! LOVE LOVE LOVE:

The colours don't show up quite so brightly on the pictures but the nights are drawing in and I was too excited to share to wait until morning!


  1. Lucy I LOVE these. And I was just thinking that my stash is in dire need of yellows...hahahahaaa...so how appropriate? My rainbow literally goes, Pink, Pink, Pink, teensy bit of red Red, Orange, Green, Green, Green, Blue, Brown, Brown, Black and a FQ of white! Ha! Yellow is going to be a new thing for me in 2012 I can just feel it.

  2. Oh my - I love those fabrics! I love vintage:) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the middle one, a great vintage selection! I may need to go through my stash as well...