Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Children, children and a tablecloth!

How do you like dem apples?
My kids love them! These were from my Nan's tree.

I've continued working on my daughter's quilt, I'm up to four rows so only 2 more, then I need to make binding!

Some of the fabric was given to me by my American cousin (if you're reading I love you and thank you!!). I like mixing the modern prints and the more traditional florals together :) Very girly and cute.

I also made a small taggy blanket for my friend's baby boy featuring fabric by Riley Blake Designs on the front:

and a different lovely soft flannel on the back:

I used this tutorial by Melissa Sews. It was super easy! It also made me realise I might need to start collecting ribbons so I have more of a choice :)

At the weekend my Nan gave me this beautiful tablecloth that she hand embroidered! Lucky me :) Now I have to find somewhere for it to live where grubby hands can't reach it!

Finally, is it weird that I prefer to have to sew with my moccasins on?!


  1. lovely apples and a lovely quilt! so pretty!

  2. You are so lucky to have inherited that tablecloth from your Grandmother!!
    We used to live in a house that had three apple trees out our back door and I loved this time of year with the fresh apples.
    p.s. I answered your question in the comment section of my blog post :)

  3. Hi Lucy! Visiting from your visit...you are using some of my favorite favorite in this post (Valori Wells...yum). I can't wait to learn more about you and your projects! Consider yourself followed. ;)

  4. Beautiful. All of it! The apples, the quilts, the tablecloth and that tat! :)

  5. That is one wonderful tablecloth! And the apples, it is apple butter time here! Found you at Lily's Quilts SBH, I'm your newest follower, visit me if you can :-)

  6. Wow that tablecloth is amazing! Lots of work and love went into that! I don't think it's too weird that you prefer to sew in your moccasins, I always sew in my slippers. :)

  7. I have to sew barefoot (or, at most, in socks). I feel like I can't feel/grip the pedal properly otherwise! :)

  8. I'm embroidering one for myself right now. Just got the kit as a birthday present - how gorgeous your gran's work is!

  9. I like to sew bare foot too. I need to feel the pedal foot. Hey, I'm hosting a swap. Come over and check it out. Maybe you can join in. Hugs =--Sandie