The best tools are ones that make life easier, in this case the Slice seam ripper makes a 'not fun' task much easier! Unpicking is a necessary job on occasion, made harder if you have a dull or difficult to handle seam ripper. Don't even get me started on those tiny ones you get in sewing kits that go dull and rust so quickly. If you find that your seam ripper isn't cutting easily, it's too small to manage well or unpicking takes a lot of effort then it might be time to level up to a longer-lasting and more professional seam ripper.

I made some videos demonstrating my first use of the seam ripper so you could see it in action. Since making these clips I have been using it for all my unpicking and I honestly can't get over just how much better it is than standard seam rippers. Let me tell you why...

My first task was resewing some buttons on a blouse, a couple had come off but it was pretty poorly made in the first place so all the buttons needed to come off and be resewn. Before changing the blade to the pointed tip, I used the rounded ceramic blade that comes with the seam ripper to remove the buttons. 

Initial thoughts are that the Slice seam ripper is really lightweight and a nice length. It is very comfortable to hold and control. You can see that I brace myself ready to have to rip hard in order to get through those threads but it was simple. What I've since learnt is that with this seam ripper I can be confident that the blade will do the work, I do not have to grip so hard and don't need that tension in my hands. The ceramic blade and ergonomic design are clever features that result in no hand strain and that's a big deal! It's also ambidextrous so can be used as is whether you are left or right handed.


Slice uses ceramic safety blades, which are 11 times longer lasting than steel and they don't rust. The blades are finger friendly®, meaning that the blade edge is safe enough to touch. This makes changing blades safer and swapping out the blades doesn't require any tools. Here's my first blade change - now I know how to do it, it's less bumbling but I wanted to give you the reality of my initial try.


Having that notch means you know that the blade is fitted correctly and makes it fool proof. You can see that the textured slider button makes moving the blade up and down super simple, there is also an auto-retractable seam ripper should you wish for an added safety level.

I changed to the Slice pointed tip seam ripper blades, perfect for ripping machine or hand stitches. The pointed tip can easily rip small stitches, my stitches are usually 1.8 when I am doing patchwork and it can still catch those small stitches without a problem. I have not yet had to unpick quilting but I know that this tool will be invaluable as there is no risk of cutting through the fabric thanks to the design of the blade.

So super simple! And it really does glide through stitches like butter. I hadn't caught my back stitching at first so had to rip through that at the end. I was so impressed with how refined the seam ripper is, I know that might sound a strange description for a cutting tool but it just requires so little force that refined is what it is!

Another feature worth noting is the hole in the handle, perfect for storage to hang the seam ripper or attach to a lanyard (handy when we are able to go to classes and retreats again).

If you'd like to replace your seam ripper and you're in the market for a new, awesome one then take advantage of 10% off at Slice by using the code CHARM10UK available to UK residents.

Slice kindly sent the seam ripper and blades to me in exchange for an honest review, this is not a paid sponsorship. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small percentage if you make a purchase and it costs you nothing extra. I only review products that I deem worthy of mentioning because I love using them myself and Slice produces excellent products, as well as a portion of the purchase price being donated to fund autism research.