Modern Scot tartan patchwork quilt

Being married to a Scottish man I was happy to be given a project from the book 'Modern Scot Patchwork: Bold Quilts Inspired by Iconic Tartans' by Kathy Allen, to make for Sewing Quarter. The book features 8 different tartans and you can make various size quilt projects from each one. The colours chosen for this quilt work really nicely with the theme, as they remind me of thistles and that beautiful Highlands palette. The also make me think of Wimbledon and the Suffragettes.

Modern Scot tartan patchwork quilt, Charm About You

The pattern was very thorough and detailed. Written out almost like a science experiment with a few tables for the different steps. The piecing is labelled throughout, with fabrics A, B, C etc. and then sewn into lettered triplet sets and then relabelled set 1, 2, 3. Are you still with me?!
It sounds more complicated than it is! All the piecing is straight lines, very simple sewing. The pattern requires some planning but each step is so detailed that as long as you follow the instructions it will come together very quickly. The result is a fabulous, geometric quilt. I also liked that the book gave images of the quilts made with different fabrics so you could easily get inspiration for different variations, colourways and interpretations. I think it would look stunning with a mix of prints and solids in similar tones, a scrappy look constrained by colour.

I went with straight line quilting so as not to detract from the overall pattern, here it is pulled straight from the sewing machine, slightly crinkly and lovely.

Modern Scot tartan patchwork quilt, quilting,, Charm About You

My next quilt finish uses the new Creative Grids Non-Slip 60° Diamond Ruler 8½" by Krista Moser. It is a truly brilliant tool! I've used a lot of their rulers and tools and don't think I've seen one that cuts so many shapes so easily. The markings let you cut diamonds, triangles, hexagons, trapeziums, parallelograms and side setting triangles. It's a very clever design and so simple. For the quilt I made the most of the large 8½" diamonds to create a harlequin inspired design; using fabrics from Windermere by Di Ford for Andover, mixed with solids. 

diamond harlequin quilt, windermere fabrics

The ruler easily allowed me to cut triangles and piece the diamonds that I wanted to have vertical stripes. Since the diamonds are cut from strips the pattern would otherwise be on the bias. It was fun playing about with layout and deciding on which fabrics to use around the edges. Ultimately it was my husband who suggested alternating the tan and white solids, I think it works really well!

The port colour is showing up much darker in the photos here but I decided to mimic the wavy strips from the Curling Floral print and quilted just those diamonds with a decorative serpentine stitch. The rest of the quilt was quilted with straight lines ¼" either side of the seams.

diamond harlequin quilt, windermere fabrics, serpentine stitch quilting

I saw another brilliant way of pattern matching this week, Bari J. posted this video about how to match up fabric prints for a quilt backing:

I'm taking a little bit of time away from work sewing this week. Catching up with emails, planning new designs and doing some sewing and craft projects of my own. I work well under pressure so having a day to myself can leave me kind of floundering. I'm hoping that writing a to do list and scheduling my time will help. What helps you to get things done?