Obviously I am slightly obsessed with fabric. There are so many lovely prints/patterns/colours available and I'm sharing some new collections with you today, along with an older find I'm treasuring and a few other goodies!

This is my kind of Christmas fabric, a collection of cute graphic prints, Noel by Swaying Lily for Cloud9 Fabrics. It is festive novelty in the best way.

Noel Swaying Lily Cloud9 Fabrics string of colored fairy lights fabric

Noel Swaying Lily Cloud9 Fabrics

The colours of this next collection really appeal to me, I really like modern brown prints (hard to find!) and when they're mixed with pink that's even better!

Fanciful Rae Hoekstra Art Gallery Fabrics

Fanciful by Rae Hoekstra for Cloud9 Fabrics has a modern floral theme, with a lot of movement and nice accent likes dots and interesting leaf shapes. I picked out some of my favourites below to add into my current epp project.

Fanciful Rae Hoekstra Art Gallery Fabrics

Cloud 9 fabrics are all 100% certified organic cotton and are committed to ethical production. It is great quality and they also work with talented designers who always create stunning, modern designs. You can find out more about the ranges at Hantex, click here.

Another new range is Decadence by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery Fabrics, absolutely bursting with pattern, posies and bouquets. The collection has incredible larger scale artwork along with a whole range of smaller designs and, what I would consider, blenders perfect for combining with anything and everything. To view the full collection at Hantex click here. Again here are a few of my favourites, just look at these Peacock feathers:

Decadence Katarina Roccella Art Gallery Fabrics

The Feathers Royal Ormolu print is stunning, so delicate and beautiful:

Decadence Katarina Roccella Art Gallery Fabrics

If you're a regular reader you'll know I subscribe to the Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box from Sew Crafty, designed by Samantha Claridge. It's so nice having a box of fabulous stuff arrive each month. Last month was The Pincushion and this month is The Dressmaker:

Pincushion pin sewing enamel badge

One fun element is the pins, fun to collect and amazing quality. I'm not a dressmaker (at least not yet!) but still all the contents are fab and I've been especially enjoying stamping and highlighting with the cute star pen! It's the little things.

the dressmaker sign of the sewdiac

star highlighter

This past week I had the privilege of going to talk at the Southport Quilter's Guild, they were such a lovely group and I plan on writing a post about the afternoon soon. Afterwards I couldn't pass up the invitation to visit the local quilt shop just up the road! Sew Crafty (a different one!) is chock full of fabric, notions and wool. I dived into the sale fabrics and found this amazing remnant: 

Paul Klee fabric Woodrow Studio London England

I believe it was the last of this print. After a quick search I found that Woodrow Studio London are sadly no more (and I couldn't find more of this fabric anywhere online) but they seem to have produced prints based on a selection of artists. Paul Klee had a unique style, with lots of interesting influences and seems to have done almost everything 'differently'. I think I would have liked to have him as a teacher! 
"A line is a dot that went for a walk." - Paul Klee

My last stash additions are from the recent sale at Celtic Fusion Fabrics. There is no excuse really, just can't resist a sale and when there's gorgeous Japanese and low volume prints I don't need an excuse!

modern quilting fabric Celtic Fusion Fabrics Kokka

clockwise from top left: Dashed on Essex Yarn dyed Mist, Arroyo by Erin Dollar; Tiny Sewing Studio on linen mix, Kokka; Graph Paper in Batchelor Blue, Jot by Heather Givens and Cut Out Kids by Michael Miller.

My aim is to get LOTS of sewing done this week. I have a huge to do list, as well as a huge to sew list, so please wish me luck!

I hope you've all had a great weekend. What are you plans for the week ahead?