Over the summer I had fun on instagram with Stitched In Color. Rachel's use of colour always inspires me and she runs exciting mosaic contests on her blog - it's always fascinating to see the fabric collections people create! This challenge was a bit different because it encouraged you to dive into your stash, to create and play with fabric, and to create fabric stacks with what you already have.

We collaborated over the themes for the #30 days of fabric stacks challenge, though Rachel already had a list ready because she's a pro at themes! Some were straight forward and then there were a few that took a little more thinking about, it really was an excellent way to explore your stash. Thank you to Bobbie Lou's Fabric Factory for sponsoring 30 Days of Fabric Stacks and allowing there to be amazing prizes. Bobbie Lou's offers a fabulous selection of vibrant, eclectic fabrics. It was perfect to allow a 'cheat day' for the challenge, allowing everyone to use a photo of fabric from Bobbie Lou's when they weren't able to create a stack from their stash.

So although the challenge is over I thought it would be a good idea to put all my fabric stacks together and see what they look like. I really learned a lot from doing the challenge... what I like, what I don't, the colours I'm drawn to, the colours I use the most from my stash. And even more meaningful discoveries like how so often I go with my gut feelings and that they're near enough always right; fabric holds memories, which is more important to me than the print; and I actually have finally been able to define my style in a way that makes sense to me.

That's my style... I don't have one, I have several... actually nearly all of them! My style doesn't fit neatly into a genre. I'm dancing around the margins, appreciating modern, retro and traditional fabric and designs. My style is my mood, idea, feeling and instinct. It always evolves, adapts and is pretty random. I have a miscellaneous style and I'm happy to finally claim that as my definition!
I also love that this looks like an improv quilt.

While it might seem odd, being able to confidently state what my style is has been incredibly freeing. I don't have to over think anything and can trust my instincts. I felt like overhauling a few things after that, one was my blog (I hope you like the new layout!) and next I would like to work on my sewing space. It's too messy to function right now.

If you missed the challenge I still suggest going to take a look at the themes, just play around with your fabrics and see where it takes you!