My Festival of Quilts 2017 experience was filled with so much good stuff! I'm going to start with people, then goodies and then the quilts! So jump through this post as you like :)

Of course I wanted to attend the festival but I knew I had to when Clare - Selfsewn told me she was going because we have been online friends for years. I love meeting people in real life and Festival is the best place to meet quilty friends (Nat and I did a few years ago!).

I'm sure I squealed when I saw her, gave her a big hug and I might have even held her face because I was so happy to see her! We went in the festival together (having both failed to fill in our details on the back of the ticket!) and on the way to meet Collette, we stopped to exchange gifts. Clare gave me the most magnificent mini quilt and I will share what I made for her tomorrow.

Absolutely, perfectly Clare. Beautiful stitching and quilting. My very own 'quilt label' - she knows I've always loved her labels (so much so that I naughtily looked at the back of her quilt hanging at festival last year to see the label she made!). And can we talk about the pink ribbon and heart so prettily appliqued?! LOVE! Also striped binding ♡♡♡

We met up with Collette - Poppy and Poochie, another long time friend and inspiration to me! We had a good chat and all met Victoria Findlay Wolfe as we admired her quilts. I failed to get pictures of that. Then we wandered through the exhibition, chatting and taking silly selfies.

We met lovely Irina - Zepher Skies, who is so sweet and her joyfulness is contagious! And the superwoman Catrin @patshyncatrin, who totally amazes me with all she does and her huge heart. Also she's hilarious and speaks Welsh so beautifully I could listen to her all day and wouldn't care that I don't understand. Lucky she speaks English too though ;) Then I got to chat more to Anna Maria Horner after meeting her when we did Sewing Quarter the day before - she was so funny and genuinely lovely, I think everyone I spoke to that met her fell in love!

I was lucky to chat to so many other lovely friends I saw as we walked around. It's so cool to see familiar faces and meet new people! I end up in a bit of a daze so sorry if you saw me looking blankly, I do get overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place and slight anxiety that I can't find the exit!! I also didn't take that many pictures this year, I did put quite a few on my Instagram story but the quality of those pics isn't so great and then I just got tired of holding my phone.

So on to my haul... well this time it's quality not quantity. I'm not lacking in fabric but I can't resist Liberty, especially good sized scraps that are £1! These are from Alice Caroline - who had a beautiful stand and the ladies there were really lovely. And thank you Clare for treating me and buying the bright one on the left for me! (I forget what that print is called - leave a comment if you know!) The one on the right is Pepper - I love this print and have a couple of other colourways. It's a great stash print. 

I also got what I wanted! A wooden seam roller from Purple Stitches. I can't wait to try this out, I will let you know how I get on with it. Purple Stitches also had an amazing selection of fabric, gorgeous florals and a great mix of modern prints from different designers - do check them out, they also have a crazy good sale section!

I realised that Simply Solids is always a 'base' at festival - because Justine and Lisa, as well as Katy and Kelly who were there on Saturday are the most fun, the shop is awesome and they always know where to go and where people are somehow!! 
The Aurifil stand was fun too, I watched Anna Maria Horner do a hand quilting demo!
There were so many great demos and things going on, I couldn't see everything and I just can't mention it all because I'd be here forever but it was all so good.

So let's get on to some quilts shall we... I am just going to show a few here, ones that I would like to remember because they caught my eye (and perhaps I hadn't seen them on social media - so if you don't see your quilt here please don't take offence, it may just mean that I already know where to find it!). Do go and see all the pictures people took at #FOQ2017!

Penny Chattey

 Pippa Moss

 Victoria Findlay Wolfe 

Julia Attwater

 Vivian Fox

Jenny Ladbrooke
Alison Mayall

Did you have a favourite quilt from Festival of Quilts this year?