Is it just me? It seems like time is speeding up and the days are flying by. I have a to do list that goes on forever but struggle to even check off one thing a day. The fact that this week is half term isn't helping! There's little chance of getting much proper work done but I am really enjoying having the kids around (mostly, sometimes I am pulling my hair out!). 
I had fun making this time lapse video of my hand quilting, it's weirdly apt considering how fast my days are going!

Today was good. We decorated the house for Halloween, after carving pumpkins with our friends yesterday, and now it looks nicely seasonal. The afternoon was spent crafting, with each of us working on different projects.

I was prepping for the machine quilting class I am teaching with Alison at Patchfinders next week. One of the things I did was this thread / stitch length sampler:

Fred worked on his hand pieced patchwork, he's doing really well and his stitches are getting straighter. Joan decided she wanted to sew scraps of wadding together, she likes the cosiness!

Lois was colouring but then thought playing with spiders was more entertaining!

I had a big shock this morning when I found myself on the nominees list for Quilting Designer of the Year category in the British Craft Awards! I went to vote for Simply Solids as Quilting Retailer of the Year, after seeing them post about their nomination. It was a bit of a shock to see my name amongst really talented designers and I am honoured to have been included. You can go and vote for all your favourites now, click here!