There are big changes going on for me. Making adjustments, working hard and figuring out what comes next. You know... life stuff!

So today I took it easy. I did some yoga, had coffee with a friend and actually did some machine sewing. 

I made the first two blocks of the Land of Magic Quilt. It is a gorgeous foundation paper piecing pattern (click the link to see Kerry's finished quilt), you can buy the full pattern or individual blocks if you prefer - the crown and star come as a pair. 

My sister is pregnant and this quilt will be for my new niece or nephew. We chose the fabrics together and it was a lot of fun! I actually changed my mind about the main print for the crown and I think this blue print works really well, almost like it is shining. The star uses mainly Carrie Bloomston prints and I love how the navy print looks like twinkling stars.

My youngest star has started school and is really enjoying herself! Our last few afternoons (before she went full time) were spent doing all the wonderful things we enjoy doing together. Painting - usually I do the outline and she fills it in:

And baking, flapjacks are a favourite:

I am still getting used to not having her with me all day. I'm not sure how I feel really. Currently I am too busy to actually think about it, which is good on the one hand but I'm starting to need time to 'process' because it is a big change. There is some sadness for me but I am thankful that she likes school and is making friends. I guess I just keep on keeping on :)