The Wild Olive patterns and printables are so adorable and I was thrilled to see the Kawaii Christmas Coloring Pages that Mollie released the other day - with a link to another Kawaii Coloring Picture

In a moment of genius I decided to print them on A4 sticker paper (I got 100 sheets from Amazon for £4.75) and we have been having so much fun colouring our own stickers!

I suggest colouring them all first and then cutting out the ones you want to use. The kids have all had a go and it keeps them really busy! After all it's colouring and stickers!! Even my husband had fun (despite the fact I had accidentally printed his on the wrong side so they weren't stickers!).

Here are my colourings (not all done yet)...

I know colouring books are a big trend but honestly it's not my thing, I do like colouring though and the fact I could cut these up and use them as stickers meant I really enjoyed it! I've even put some in my planner already :)

Yes I am a big kid when it comes to stationery. Stickers are my love and kawaii stickers are even better!

You can get the printables at Wild Olive but be quick because they are only available for a short time! Also please be respectful and remember they are for personal use only.

Happy colouring and sticking!

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