It's been a while since I blogged about my Farmer's Wife 1930's blocks. I have been making them, just at a slow pace and to be honest I'm very behind but hoping to catch up over Christmas.

Here are four more finished blocks:

#41 Granny
The fabric choices were easy for this one because I chose prints that remind me of my late Granny. Elegant yet still familiar, pretty and busy!

#45 Jenny
This letter is so true of my kids, they love being with me and doing jobs around the house. They often get involved in whatever I'm doing and I tell them we can get those things done faster if we do them together (most of the time, occasionally I need them to get out of my way!). A nice reminder to enjoy the kids and make time to play. I picked the viewfinders and pandas as a result.

#1 Addie
This one was sort of a random pick of fabrics... the dots look like rows in a field, the Liberty print is for the "worlds of wildflowers" and the deep blue Carkai fabric for the "beautiful Columbia River". The letter wasn't as poignant for me as others have been but the block does make me happy!

#57 Margaret
My mum's name is Margaret and the letter really made me smile! I had the perfect Liberty print (thank you Molli!) to create a "whole menagerie", Liberty Tana Lawn, Theo in B. Another ideal print is Fragile, Zephyr by Rashida Coleman-Hale for the family sitting down for dinner. I only had a square of that fabric from a charm pack so couldn't fussy cut as much as I wanted - I might get more because the bowls and spoons are so cute! The other colours used and the placement of the fabrics were to suggest "Outside there was rain, wind, darkness, but indoors there was warmth, light, food, shelter, Home and Love".

All of these blocks were hand pieced (I intend to post a tutorial on that - we've all had winter lurgy recently but I will get to it soon!) and I do find it easier than English Paper Piecing when it comes to the smaller shapes. I will just use both techniques as and when, depending on the block and my mood!

I've been thinking about my blog a lot recently and would like to get back to writing more and chatting to everyone or no one at all. Life is always busy but I love this community and the friendships and it feels important, not just to show what I've done but to share the journey and document all that goes along with it.

Have a happy weekend!

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