Ok so I'm not in a good place right now. At all. It's all too personal and private but I'm working through it. It's hard to find motivation for anything but I am clinging to this hobby with all my might because I can't stop now and I honestly don't know how bad it would be without having creativity in my life. I may go a bit quiet or I may pour myself into making, I'm not sure what I will do. So with that said I'm putting my big girl knickers on (à la Moira) and writing my Q4 FAL list. What with my doomful mood most of this is just copied from Q3. I hope that's allowed!

I have managed to finish my le challenge make and will be posting about that on Tuesday - there's still time to finish making something with the theme Mix if you'd like to join in and link up!

So here's my Quarter 4 list...

#1 - Hand quilt Vintage quilt - I haven't done as much of this as I should and this needs to be a priority since it's a commission. Hand quilting feels so therapeutic to me that I know it will be good for me to work on.

#2 - Flowering Lone Star - top done, needs quilting.

#3 - Two pillowcase dresses - these ones are for my girls using pretty Essentials by Pat Bravo prints. - This will probably run into next years list!!

#4 - Skirt - I got this bargain fabric from Minerva Crafts and am going to attempt to make myself a skirt! They have lots of clearance sale fabrics, great for dressmaking and most under £3 a metre. - I really should make myself something, my wardrobe is sad!!

#5 - Scottie Dogs - using more mini charms - these might make fun Christmas pressies for the kids!

#6 - Japanese x and + Quilt - using Arizona by April Rhodes because I love it! Nearly finished hand quilting and the binding is ready to go.

#7 - Liberty hexies - for f***s sake.

#8 - Butterfly Quilt - The top is all done and I'm excited to hand quilt this but it's unlikely it'll get done this year realistically.

#9 - Star flower quilt - whatever... ran out of wadding... more excuses... languishing. Same old, same old.

#10 - A commissioned baby memory quilt. It's all arranged but I've yet to collect the fabric so I will just use a picture of my babies for now

I'm probably going to kick myself for not putting other things on the list that I need to do but right now that's enough.

Oh and huge apologies for not replying to emails, I'm afraid it's been pushed down the list of priorities. I promise I'm usually way more positive and hope to return to form soon, thanks for bearing with me.

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