I haven't been at work for a couple of weeks and the return to full time mummyhood is pretty hard. I usually only work about one day a week but for me it's like a holiday. A glorious day spent with fabric, talking to customers, cutting, tidying and generally basking in the love of quilting. I can't wait to get back in the shop! Not that I don't love being at home, being the one to take and collect the kids from school and having the chance to spend the day with the little one, I am so fortunate. Sometimes it just feels a bit like ground hog day, I hate moaning so I will stop and show you this beautiful poem, written by Jodi that I embroidered.

I love it. It reminds me of what's important and the value of motherhood.

I haven't decided whether to keep it in the hoop as it or frame it, I suspect I will frame it when I find one that fits.

I just wrote the poem on the fabric with a biro (that's probably breaking lots of rules but I don't care, it works!) and it's stitched using one strand of embroidery thread.

That's the final check from this quarter's FAL list and I really just did crap this time around. I think maybe I need to not be so ambitious with my list next quarter, though where's the fun in that?! A lot of big projects need finishing so maybe I just keep rolling over until they're done but getting sick of writing the same list!! I need a big kick up the bum next time, feel free to shout at me if I show finishes that aren't on the list please!