I blog about my quilting, this is not a sewing related picture and yet I immediately knew that this picture best represents how I feel about blogging.

There's a sense of exploration; of myself, my creativity, growth, skills and possibilities.

I feel like blogging is a way of looking out into the world, framing myself in the process. Connecting with others, telling my story, sharing my sewing journey.

The light is so crucial to this picture and blogging for me has created so much light. I don't have to hark on to people who aren't interested in my sewing, I have a place to share with like minded people, I have encouragement, support and friends. I follow and read so many interesting blogs, I feel inspired every day seeing people's creations, discovering techniques and learning so much from everyone. It's led me to challenge myself, to do things I wouldn't have even considered on my own and to begin to develop my own sewing and writing style.

There's a dreamy, pensive quality to this picture too. I'm a full time mum and despite the fact I adore what I do there's a longing to fulfill another part of myself - for me quilting and blogging are something I do that's mine. I ponder, I prepare, I sew, I make, I write, I share. Those rays of light are those wonderful cables that link me to all of you!
(I knew this would end up being cheesy)

*This post was published on my friend Nat's original blog at the beginning of 2012, I came across it in my drafts and thought I would publish it here since there's been recent discussion about the end of blogs. Despite not having as much time now I have 3 kids and being sucked into Instagram, reading blogs and writing my own is still almost as important to me as actually sewing. Being part of this community truly brings me joy.

Nat suggested I could use a picture to share what blogging means to me and this one immediately came to mind. The photograph is one my husband took when my son was a toddler and I love it.