We had some fun playing with my computers camera over the Easter holidays while recovering from the pox...

My little Batgirl has inherited her mother's tendency to wave in photos it appears:

Then I was literally crying with laughter at this one that makes your mouth go all big:

Nicky you thought my laugh was infectious before!! ;)

Fred's favourite was this spooky setting:

And the whole family piled on the sofa to play:

Yeah the kids are cute but I could stare at my handsome husband all day given the opportunity!

Random aside... I've had a couple of emails recently... forward a message or recipe to so many people and get them back. I enjoy new recipes and positive messages etc but I'm way too busy to enter into these things so please don't include me! I don't mean to be a sour puss but I just don't have the time :)

Also has anyone else been getting emails from ad companies or dress companies?! I'm sure they don't even read my blog as it has nothing to do with my content. I'm happy to advertise products and companies that I endorse but seriously you will not be seeing ads for online lotteries anywhere here!! I might need money but I am setting principles.

Live A Colorful Life