I have been laughing at this for days since it dropped through my letter box...

Sometimes it really is the little things that can brighten your day! Seriously. I'm still laughing!

I have discovered that my machine can do funky embroidery stitches... my mum kindly gave me her machine for my birthday when mine broke at the beginning of the year. I saw funky patterns on the side but could not figure out what they were - now that sounds really stupid but I just couldn't see how to get the machine to do them. It was bugging me so I turned a couple of dials, had a play and although there's only about 10 (and a couple are fugly!!) it's still pretty cool. I fell in love with this one that looks like baseball stitches (could be leaves but I sewed them and looked at it horizontally so I'm going with baseball) and I'm using it on the pouches I'm making for little people's birthdays!

Honestly I am just having stupid fun playing and sewing at the moment. I've been painting leaves and doing prints with my little girl today and it was heaven. Funny how telling yourself to take the pressure off to be perfect or even be good at stuff comes as such a relief and lets you just enjoy!

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