So there's some seriously fast paced swapping going on!! Fabric is going like hot cakes!

If you've not joined in the Stale Stash Swap yet you really should, remember you can give a shout out for something you need and it's perfectly fine to decline a swap if you don't see anything on offer you fancy - we all have different taste! It's also a great chance to go and visit some other blogs, so check out the links :)

I also happen to know (yes I did it!) that there are swaps going on behind closed doors, via email - sometimes people are willing to stash raid a bit further if you have something they really want ;)

If you're not able to join in this time don't worry I may do it again in the future! Although I would be very grateful if you'd help spread the word now and stick the button in a post or on your sidebars because the link is open for another week yet :)

Charm About You
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So less fabric and more sewing news... although there's not a whole lot going on, which is where the required shouting comes in!


 - a little embroidery to go in my son's room

- mother's day gifts


- I only did one Rose Star block this week, you can see it here. This is genuinely my favourite thing to sew and I have 4 more blocks cut out so I'm hoping for more progress next week.

- Name swap. Following all the comments when I showed the secret swap badge for the Fat Quarterly retreat, I wanted to offer some options of thread (well not much - I'm desperate to use this perle!), so can you please tell me honestly which thread you prefer. Personally I'm still inclined to go with the blue, it pops more and will be read more easily - you have to bear in mind that it's not going to be thick embroidery so the name will quite thin. Here's an idea:

So which one would you want your name written in?? Tell me!

no progress

- Only one block made for the Stained QAL created by the fabulous Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. Since everyone (finger's crossed) is nearly back to full health in our house I'm hoping things will ease up a little bit and I'll be able to sew.

I also have 2 baby quilts that need making. I know it's not going to take me long to sew the Stained top so can you all shout at me for the next few days??! And I'm asking you to so it's ok ;)

I've requested you do three things so I think that's enough or you'll all think I'm bossy!

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