Sunday, 28 June 2015

stash happy

This week I received some fabulous exclusive Fat Quarter Shop Aurifil Thread Boxes from the Fat Quarter Shop. I always use 50 weight Aurifil for piecing and love the 12 weight for hand quilting. I haven't tried the AuriFloss yet so I'm excited to use it! The boxes are a great way to get a variety of colours, there are four colourways: Macaroon and Tart are gorgeous and have really pretty colours, Biscotti has lovely warm neutrals and browns, while Scone has a deliciously rich selection. Tough to chose between them for a favourite!

Family life has taken priority and I haven't had as much time to sew this week but I know these will get my sewjo going once I get a chance!

Today I went to visit my Nan and I admired this lovely vintage basket, in total grandmother fashion she insisted I took it home with me and I didn't argue! I love it and will probably fill it with fabric :)

Digging the plastic yellow weaving!

Molli Sparkles


  1. What a fabulous basket. And how fun to experiment with all those lovely threads. You will do something amazing with them, I'm sure!

  2. That basket looks like it belongs on the front of a bicycle! It is fabulous.

    Those thread sets look great. I especially like the tart colours and looking at the floss makes me want to make friendship bracelets. That might be a fun holiday activity....

  3. That really IS an adorable basket. I love your expression, get my sewjo going...I can totally relate!

  4. I remember having a cookery basket similar to that about 45 yrs ago!!!!!

  5. The basket is wonderful ! and the Aurifill thread... I don't use any other thread after I found Aurifill!

  6. I'm a confirmed believer in rehoming baskets when you stumble across them at a reasonable price,
    and when they are gifted well,
    it would be rude to refuse them! lol

  7. Lovely acquisitions! well done you!

  8. That's a lovely basket! And totally jealous on the thread front.. maybe soon I'll invest in those!