Friday, 23 August 2013

binding shorts

My son recently got a huge hole in his jeans, as kids do, and I took the obvious decision to cut them into shorts.

I didn't want to just hem them though, boring! So I took out my scraps of binding and let him chose which one he wanted on his shorts. He picked the orange gingham bias binding - clever boy!
I'm sure this has been done many times but here's my tutorial on how I did it.

Cut the strips of binding (this happened to be all I had left!). I didn't properly measure just ran it round the leg and added a bit extra.

Turn the shorts inside out. Leave a tail of binding (don't start at the short edge because you need to sew the edges of the binding together). Since this was ready made binding I just opened it out and sewed along the crease.

When you get close to where you started sewing stop with enough room to match the ends. I do this by folding back the edges so they butt up against each other and trimming off any extra to leave a rough 1/4" seam.

Sew the ends right sides together along the crease you made. Finger press the seams open.

Go back to where you stopped sewing and carry on sewing all the way around.

Turn the shorts the right way round, pull the binding through and fold over the front of the shorts.

I don't bother pressing or pinning but feel free if you want to. Topstitch along the top edge of the binding to finish. I move my needle over to the left and use my foot as a guide to get a neat line.

Then you have one cool looking kid!

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  1. Great idea! I may have to remember this for next summer when all the jeans still fit waists, but the kids have grown a foot!

  2. extending the life of the jeans is what it is all about xx .. and because he chose the trim he is more likely to wear them xx

  3. works well.

    For those of us who cheat... Fold the first end, and stitch the folded bit dow, when you have gone all the way round, lap the raw end tail over the fold a short way, then complete as if you had sewn ends together. This gives your cheats finish!

  4. Adorable! All ready to post tomorrow AM! Can't wait to link up. xx

  5. Cute! And he has excellent taste in fabric! :)

  6. Awesome shorts!! It's great you let your son choose the fabric, he has excellent taste!

  7. I LOVE this! I did something similar years ago to lengthen a favourite pair of jeans (my 2-y-o girl was growing up & not out)
    It so works for boys too- he looks waaaay cool!
    Well done

  8. I love this idea!! My daughter got some hand-me-downs recently that are really thin in the knees. This is the perfect way to make her some cute shorts for next summer and really use those free pants!!

  9. Thanks for sharing! What a novel idea! I have some of my own shorts I could do this to!

  10. This is a great idea for a boy. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Fab designer shorts! I love your son's taste in binding :)

  12. Great idea - must remember this next time kids show up with a hole in their jeans. Thanks for sharing.

  13. A fun way to hem a pair of shorts and totally eliminates bulky hems, too!

  14. I've featured your tutorial today, Lucy...

  15. I'm so sorry I missed your awesome giveaway. I haven't caught up with blogs for over a week due to work and family crap, just general stressful busy times ya know. It's okay. I won your first birthday giveaway last year :-) I used the fabric from Cindy's shop to line library bags I made for my son and my niece.