I'm stitching the binding down on my improv log cabins quilt, hoping to get this done over the weekend and list it in my shop.

I've also been stitching together the siggy bee blocks for my feather quilt, I have plans for including it in the backing. I've finished making the extra feathers I needed for the quilt top and am excited to put the last column together.

I have managed one little finish, nearly 2 months late but here's my July block for the woodland sampler:

and I've started trying to catch up!

The summer holidays wouldn't be complete without us making some more paper crap, so thanks to a 'Charlie and Lola' and a 'Hello Kitty' magazine we managed to make a Hello Kitty caterpillar! I forgot how much fun paper chains are! She's colouring in the face while I type this post.

It is a wonder I've managed anything because the other night I drank (nearly) the whole bottle of this:

It was so scrumptious. I'm a total lightweight and rarely drink at all but this was a nice treat and I would highly recommend it if you like a sweet drink. Oh the lime!! yum! 

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