Wednesday, 3 October 2012

work it out

I can't believe how many projects I'm working on and I can't stop myself from starting new things. I have a problem. Quilting addiction maybe?? Or possibly because we have cots, prams etc this is my way of nesting?! I think I'm going with my hormones anyway because I'm clearly crazy!!


- Infinity scarves - pattern by Rebecca and available here

- I made more feather blocks using the Anna Maria Horner pattern, it's my month for the Scrappy? Sew Bee It, so I hope they all like making a feather! A couple of these are 'wrong' but I was using up the fabric strips and didn't want to waste any.


- I started a new Braid quilt using some Amy Butler

- I have been chaining my Retro Flowers - I even managed some pressing so that's real progress!


- I've nearly finished a vintage sheet baby quilt that I started last night!! All will be revealed on Friday :)

- A project for the kiddies

- a pin cushion for the fabulous Emily

- a commissioned tooth fairy cushion - I'm working on this from my own pattern and I think it'll be fun!

no progress:

- granny blanket
- Rose Stars
- Bloggers BOM, although there's only last months block to make and then I can put it together!


Having a diabetes test tomorrow - so no breakfast for me :( and then another scan on Friday. Finger's crossed it'll all be good news.

completed: 2
new projects: 4
in progress: 10

I hope I can keep on track for next week and I'm determined to finish as much as possible.

There are just some times when you are so overwhelming grateful and that happened when a bundle of gorgeousness arrived the other day. I got an amazing surprise from my dear friend Emily (and yes there was chocolate too and yes, in true Brit fashion, I scoffed it before I took a picture!):

These are bad pictures and don't do her makes justice at all. I utterly adore them. My sister was here when they arrived and we cooed for ages!! The fabric is SO gorgeous and I love that binding! Totally practical and useful too! Thank you so so much Emily :)

Before I head off please make sure you check out Donktober, there's so many fun things happening and giveaways too!


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  1. Hi Lucy!
    Those feathers are fabulous! What a fun block.
    I love all the things you've been working on. It is nice to have a variety of projects, isn't it?
    Your gifts are darling! I"m sure you were thrilled to receive them. Have a lovely Wednesday!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the baby gifts you received! So cute and fun! Those feathers are looking good, too. Can't wait to see them all together!

  3. Oooh, I love how you've made the feathers out of selvedges. Beautiful!

  4. Well, scoot over...cuz I must be crazy too!!! Way too many projects started! Your feathers are marvelous and I love the baby gifts. So sweet!

  5. Oh my goodness you are making loads of lovely stuff!

  6. Love the feathers! And those baby gifts are fabulous!

  7. The feathers are cute. I haven't seen those before.

  8. That is a crazy amount of things, clearly hormones taking over!! Good for you though, and the presents you received from Emily are gorgeous - having a baby towel envy now!

  9. LOOOOVE that orange infinity scarf!!!!

  10. Love those feather blocks and the baby gifts are so adorable - cute prints!
    Hope all is well and good at the clinic tomorrow. =)

  11. Lucy, you are bit nutty! But blame it on the hormones we'll agree! :) Lovely projects...those feathers are awesome. It's on my to-do...maybe next year's project. I'm on a quilt diet! Have a great week, crossing fingers for your tests!

  12. Wow! You are on overdrive with all those projects. Your presses from Emily are really nice. I hope that the test results are negative. Di x

  13. I love the feathers and scarf! Emily is a genius - what a great present! Good luck with the blood test and scan xxx

  14. I think your project explosion is fab. Can't wait to watch them progress. Emily's baby goods are so super! Love 'em!

  15. Don't forget to put your feet up dear ; ) your feathers are fabulous. I need to re-read what colours you like so I can pull fabrics. Happy day

  16. No idea where you are getting the energy!?

  17. You are like a machine Lucy!! Is this your idea of nesting? ;-)

  18. We're all guilty of starting new projects and not finishing old ones! I was just lamenting the same thing in my WIP post this week. :) You're making beautiful things, so why not?

  19. Completely off your rocker my dear, how are you doing so much!!! You are clearly super human ;-)

  20. Adorable makes and gifts...I'm so going to love your AB quilt and I 'need' to know whether the feathers are tricky. Love the infinity scarf pics too - you are blooming m'dear!

  21. So what if some of your feathers are "wrong" - they are gorgeous! Happy nesting.

  22. I love 'wrong' blocks - I think they make things more interesting! I feel so rubbish look at you getting all this done!

  23. LOVE those feather blocks!

  24. Oh you're totally nesting ;o) But it's fun watching you do it :oD

  25. a. you are so cute.
    b. the feathers with the selvages--genius!
    c. cute bib and changing set!
    d. hoping for good test results.

  26. You have such fun projects, I especially love the feathers. I hope for good things on the baby front, you are looking all glowy.