Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The one with very little progress

Looking at my WIPs is a bit overwhelming this week! I have so many projects that I've not made any progress on it's a bit shocking. I did manage to finish two makes though...


- Vintage Baby Quilt

- Skull tooth cushion


- totally inspired by Maureen's fabulous crown creations I have started making one for my son's friend's birthday. I didn't have enough felt, or in fact felt in any suitable colours for a little girl, so I'm making it out of cotton. It's working ok so far:

no progress

- braid quilt
- project for the kids
- pin cushion
- retro flowers
- granny blanket
- rose stars - actually have basted a couple so that's some progress!
- Bloggers BOM - still just the one block to do
- HFWYG QAL - ekkk falling so behind
- another baby quilt for a friend

Even writing that no progress list is just horrible. I have been working on a couple of other little things but nothing really worth showing yet. I really hope I can get some time to sew this week and knock a couple of WIPs off the list!

completed: 2
new projects: 1
in progress: 10

baby: The delightful stage of reflux and having to go to the toilet three times a night has started. Plenty of kicking action too! One very tired mummy!
Also the 2 yr old is living up to her age so it's been a trying time.

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  1. How exciting to be getting your kicks! Lovely vintage baby quilt and await the crown ta dah.

  2. The vintage baby quilt is adorable. It looks so warm and inviting.

  3. I love the Skull tooth cushion, my boys would love that! Hope you get some rest, night time baby acrobatics are so exhausting!

  4. Lovely projects and a good list. It sounds like you will be mostly cooking the baby right now, enjoy the kicks.

  5. You have a perfectly good excuse for not getting anything done lately. :) My third trimester left me feeling really tired this time around, but with only five weeks left I've finally felt that burst of nesting energy so I can sew again! :) Get some rest and don't worry about not getting enough things checked off your list. It will all get done in time.


  6. you are doing very well considering the reflux, pee breaks and toddler tantrums! Love the vintage baby quilt and all the others! xxxx

  7. I love all your projects!! My IP list is about as long as yours, so I know how daunting it feels. But, you will finish it all!

  8. Eeek! all your projects are so darn cute!!

  9. Very little progress is still progress!!

  10. Beautiful finishes as always and as for the rest of the IPs, I'm sure you'll find some sewing time to finish them up, if not slowly but surely...
    hope you'll get some good nights' rest.

  11. I see you're working on a braid quilt. Me too ; )

  12. I think growing a baby counts as progress, and finishing a whole quilt AND a cushion definitely does!

  13. More important to have cuddles with your two year old than to be doing anything else! baby will take over soon enough, and two year olds do what they do best! Too soon there will be no more two year olds in life so relax and enjoy her!

    I no longer even have a teenager in the house! Very strange.

  14. Congrats on the 2 finishes! The Vintage baby quilt is beautiful! Visiting from WIP Wednesday!

  15. I like your skull tooth cushion:)
    Don't worry about your list it will be very satisfying as you start to complete and cross them off your list as you go.

  16. Gorgeous finishes and a heck of an in progress list but please don't overdo it!!!!