Monday, 19 March 2012

mad weekend and name badge worries

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Charm About You

This is a going to be a long one so grab a cuppa and get comfy!!

I'll start with some makes. Since it was mother's day yesterday I made my mum a couple of gifts, a bag for her knitting and a mobile phone holder.

I used this tutorial from Buffy of Passionate Design. It's a nice tutorial - I even managed to put a pocket inside but couldn't get a decent picture. The only change I made was the straps, instead of messing around turning them inside out I used the much easier method from Jeni's tutorial!

For the phone holder I used this tutorial from She Wears Flowers. Very simple and clear instructions! It fits her phone perfectly. I chose not to embellish the flap because the fabric looks lovely as it is. The outer fabric was part of my birthday gift from mammafairy sews, I only used a bit so the rest is all mine!! The inner fabric (also used for the straps on the bag) my mum gave me and was left over from the back of the Not So Charming Rainbow Stars quilt.

I managed to finish another Rose Star block (I also got a few more cut!). This one is my favourite so far :)

If you've not joined in the Rose Star Block Party get yourself over to selfsewn and look at Clare's amazing blog, then start piecing!

Following my background dilemma I ordered a bit of Kona Apple. I adore this green and it makes the colours of the rose stars pop so nicely!

It's just not going to work out though. It's too much and though I love it right now I know I'll tire of it. I tried some darker colours too (Charcoal and a Navy blue) but I don't love them either. So I think I'm going to go with the mint or variations of mint/aqua, thank you everyone for your input!

At any rate the apple won't go to waste - I also ordered some Dr. Seuss fabric from Prints to Polka Dots
and it goes really well :) Think this will turn into a bag for the kiddies toys!

They also included some cute little square scraps with my order:

Love those helicopters!

Now my worry... I'm really struggling with the name badge for the Fat Quarterly Retreat swap. Here's the direction I'm finally thinking of taking (must credit Clare - Selfsewn - for providing inspiration for the piecing), can you all please give me honest opinions:

crap attempt at Hadley's genius photo tute!

I'm thinking of embroidering the mystery name on it with this gorgeous blue perle that Madame Samm kindly sent me when I won one of her amazing giveaways from that other brilliant blog ;)
Obviously I'll take out the basting stitches and put a back on it!! What do you think??

Finally thank you all for the kind wishes for the little ones birthday. We had an amazing time:

I had a blast with the kids and even did some bouncing of my own!

Yeah my hair's not blonde anymore, I should update my profile pic!!
If you recognise that skirt then you're probably Janine :) She kindly sent it to me after threatening to chop it up!!
I finally lost enough weight to wear it :) I'm hoping Erin and Izzy are proud of me!! Although it's mostly down to being ill not being good!!

My husband managed to snap this pic of me and my son -  very similar to the last one I showed you but fours years later :)

Unfortunately I think all the fun wiped him out because I got a call from school today and had to pick him up early because his temperature was high again :( So we're now back to this:

Linking up to Sew Modern Monday

Hope you all had a great weekend, now go get writing those posts for the swap ;)



  1. I love the Kona Green - I think you've made a good choice!

    Happy birthday to your little guy, looks like such a fun party and nice to see you having fun right along with the kids. I think us moms forget to do that sometimes!

  2. Love your rose star blocks and I think the little one will make a lovely name badge.
    Hope the wee one feels better soon.

  3. Love your idea for the name tag. Looks like everyone had a fun birthday. You really suit being brunette! Hope little one bounces back soon,Jxo

  4. I think the name tag will look brilliant. Oh no to more sick days though. I have joined you in that. The sick bug has struck here. I am tired of sick kids. Think we have both had our share of sick days and enough already!

  5. I thought the apple would be great, but I think you are right about being a good color but too bright for this project.

    Glad to see pictures of you. Looks like a fun party. Sorry you still have a sick one...

  6. Your Rose Star blocks look great! I also like the green background but I do like brights! My fat quarters are cut and my stale stash post written! After all it is Tuesday here!! Can't wait!

  7. I love the RS blocks and your name badge idea! Oh, and the brown hair!! Glad you all had a nice party but I'm sorry to hear he's poorly again, I hope he picks up again soon xx

  8. love that picture of you and your son. Looks like you had a great day. I have an idea for my name badge, but need to put it in to practice. If you were sewing my name on there, I would be thrilled!

  9. Look at those rose stars....beautiful! I like the badge but will the blue show up on these colors? The design of it is great! Your iPhone holder is fantastic and cute bag....hope your son is feeling better.

  10. Glad the kids were fit and well for a good birthday :-) Hope the wee man perks up again soon. Love all your hand piecing.... :-)

  11. Yes, the badge looks great.
    Spiderman bouncy is perfect for a young man, though I am sorry he is poorly- sorry for him, and sorry for you too.

    I am glad you warned me about the brown hair, that could be a shock!

    Everyone be better soon!

  12. Looks like your back on form!! Love the badge idea and I hope you little man perks up soon.

  13. Bag is lovely and I'd love to be getting that name tag!

    The RS is fab and I'm sure it will all become clear which background to use in time!

  14. I'm extremely proud of you Lucy! :-). For the weight loss and for all the quilty goodness in this post! I think you made a good decision with the green... I love the colour but not sure I love it behind those beautiful stars. And the name tag will be lovely! Xx

  15. The kona apple green would have been really nice as well. This is going to be an amazing quilt. Hope the little one is better soon. And love the hair!

  16. I love the apple green... it is amazing I think you should stick with it. What lovely pics...hope you little one is feeling better.

  17. Oh no more sickies!
    I love the name tags - where's the worry? (You didn't adjust the exposure enough - stop when it's the same colour as the corners!).

    Lucky mum x

  18. Where to start? Hope your son is feeling better soon and yea for bouncy castles! I am having major wobblies for the name swap and being allocated my partner. Gulp! Love your mum`s bag - such a pretty fabric you used. Hope she loved it!

    1. Wow, love all of it! Name tag looks fab, bags are lovely and I still love your rose stars :o) - I love the kona Apple behind them!

  19. I love the Rose Star quilt. It's going to be a stunner! :)

  20. Whew, busy week! Love the base of the name badge, but not that blue with it, sorry! I have my own badge woes, I've managed to design myself a 1" square to put my person's name in o.O

  21. I love that little name badge, its adorable. The rose star quilt is looking amazing.

  22. I hope the mother's day pressies that you received were as lovely as the ones you sent!
    The hexie name tag is amazing too, and i love the Dr Seuss fabric - its a good match with the Apple. i think it needs something calmer with the Rose Stars tho.

  23. Sound like a lovely weekend. I always get a bit sad on my boys birthdays. My babies growing up. I know, I'm such a sook! Then I tell myself to not be so silly and to enjoy each new stage. Love that name badge but maybe with a dark aqua or an orange? Can't wait to see how your rose and stars end up.

  24. Bummer that he's sick again! :( Hopefully he'll turn around quickly. I love your name badge so far. I don't know about the blue perle. I just can't see it but then I'm not great with picturing embroidery. Good luck, Lucy!

  25. Your rose star blocks are coming along great Lucy!! they look really tricky to me?? the name badge is so cute too, I think the embroidery sounds good. Best of luck, xo

  26. Your rose star blocks are coming along great Lucy!! they look really tricky to me?? the name badge is so cute too, I think the embroidery sounds good. Best of luck, xo

  27. Showy he name babe idea looks great. I really like how all your star block look together too.