**You're too late, the party has finished! Stay tuned for the next instalment**

Those of you who've been round these parts for a while will be familiar with my fugly fabric party. For those who aren't here's the general idea...

People in blog land are often organising their fabric, making room for the new and picking fabrics for all the lovely projects and QALs that are about. There's always so many beautiful new lines and so much fabric temptation to buy and stash.

There's also that other fabric. The fabric that you might never use, the ones you used to love, the ones that you don't know why you bought, the fabric sitting there taunting you, or hiding away at the back of a drawer somewhere! We all have it, it's the fugly fabric.

What if you could give it to someone else, someone that might actually like it and use it?!

It doesn't have to be really ugly - it could be any bits that you don't want anymore, you know you won't use it, you're sick of looking at it or you think it is actually ugly. Maybe you have a piece of fabric leftover from a quilt that you don't really need and can do without. Write a blog post and share the fugly!!

You can have a giveaway, a competition, a swap, offer to send it to anyone that will pay the postage - whatever you choose. I'll have a linky party and you can all have a look around other people's blogs seeing what fabric they have to offer and maybe find some gems! One person's trash is another's treasure.

This is an opportunity to clear some room, unburden yourself and share some fabric love. Have a dig around, clear out those bottom drawers, find that FQ you'll never use under a pile of other stuff!