My sewjo seems to take a wander every now and again. Like anything, occasionally the motivation eludes you. Sometimes you have to ride it out and wait for inspiration to spur you into action. Oftentimes I will start with a smaller make, a pouch or cushion to incite my creativity and make a finished project for that sense of achievement. 

I was thrilled to be asked to join Judith Hollies for her #justjudecollaborates over on instagram. Along with Judith, myself, Svetlana Sotak, Stuart Hillard and Kerry Foster will be making each other patterns to create finished projects throughout July. You are welcome to follow along each week and make with us!  You can find out details about which patterns we are making on Judith's post here. Follow along on instagram for the details and reveals each week.

Our first project was the Lola pouch by Svetlana Sotak. Her shop SotakCo on Etsy is full of gorgeous bag and pouch patterns. I have followed her blog for a long time and have made a couple of her patterns, the Lola pouch is one of my favourites - you can see other versions of the pouch that I have made here.

I excitedly got to picking out fabrics from my stash, knowing this pouch was going to be gifted to my friend Michelle I wanted to chose fabrics she would like as well as picking a combination I was happy about. It's always a factor for most makers I assume but texture has become something I focus on more and more. Rather than use all quilting cottons I wanted to give each part a slightly different feel.

The base fabric is Essex Linen Metallic in Oyster, the main print is Domino Plaid, Lucky Strike by Kimberly Kight, the lining is Peanut Butter Cookies, Cookie Book by Kimberly Kight and the binding fabric is Neon Neppy Chambray by Robert Kaufman.

Michelle is the best cook I know, so the lining is a fun nod to that. I like contrasting linings usually but seem drawn to be a bit more matchy matchy recently. 

The Chambray fabric is lovely and soft but still with enough weight for it to make a good binding. the little pops of neon are added joy.

The zip pull charms I have are very cutesy and I wanted this to be a little more sophisticated, so went with this grey faux suede leather cord. I have to say the brown zip was maybe an unusual choice, no others zip colours I have really worked or they were just too boring, but happily Michelle liked it. The combination of the warm brown and the cool neutral grey and blue works for me, the more I look at it the more I really love it. Unexpected mixes of colour can work so well and it seems to happen for me when I don't try too hard. I spend more time on choosing things now, considering fabrics and colours and textures more, but I still have to go with my gut. Not always the loudest voice in my head but the one that feels right.

Lovingly gifted and recieved. I am certain the Lola pouch will continue to be one of my go-to pouch patterns because I so enjoy making them.

Visit SotakCo for this pattern and more by Svetlana! And don't forget to visit #justjudecollaborates to see more (it is my Melody Mini Quilt/Pillow pattern this week!)