I am super excited to be guest hosting this challenge with the founder of The Great British Quilter, Sarah Ashford! The photo challenge is on Instagram and we invite you to join in! (exactly what + how is outlined further along in this post...)

Starting 1st September we will post a photo prompt every day throughout the month. Joining in is simple and it's a great way find inspiration, make new friends and for us all to share our passion for patchwork and quilting!

There is also the opportunity to win some amazing prizes when you take part in the challenge and (since I know what they are) trust me, they are AWESOME!

I participated in the challenge last year and it really was a lot of fun. This is not a place for pressure; everyone is capable of joining in and sharing photos, whatever level of skill they feel they have. You can interpret the prompts to fit your style, be creative and do not stress over it. This community is full of busy people with real lives. I know that my life can be crazy and taking beautifully set up photos is not always my forte (but if it's yours go right ahead!). The point is to share what we love and have fun doing it. So be yourself, share as much or as little as you like, be concise or write to the word limit, whatever suits your mood or floats your boat. We will be super supportive and encouraging, and welcome you to the community of Great British Quilters!

How to join in

• Take your own photo based on the day's prompt 
• Write a caption for your photo, share a bit about yourself or tell the story of what's in your photo, why you like it or whatever comes to mind!
• Post it to Instagram with the hashtag #greatbritishquilter and tag @sarahashfordstudio and @charmaboutyou
• Visit #greatbritishquilter, comment on other people's photos and enjoy it!

Now what if you're not British?! Or a quilter?! 
We welcome all honorary Brits, we are happy for anyone to join in. We would like the prompts to help showcase British businesses and we would love it if you support us in our quest to highlight the British quilting industry and our community. 
If you have made a quilt, you're a quilter! You can be a beginner or you may have not made a quilt recently, it doesn't really matter. Many of the prompts relate to quilting but you could interpret some for other sewing projects. If you have never made a quilt you are welcome to follow along and, who knows, maybe it will encourage you to give quilting a try!

The Prompts

If you would like to get organised, see ahead, take a weeks worth of photos at weekends, or just have a clue - we are sharing the photo prompts for each day now. Click the link below to download / print and put the graphic somewhere you'll see it + then you can (remember to) join in each day!


Be sure to follow me @charmaboutyou and @sarahashfordstudio to read the prompts and find out about the giveaways!

See you over there on 1st September for the Great British Quilter Instagram Challenge!