I'm posting this on a day when everyone goes % sales and shopping mad. I've actually not bought anything today (except ice cream!) because I'm pretty sure this lovely lot will keep me busy, along with the rest of my fabric stash.

First are these pretty prints from Rose Garden Patchwork, a brilliant UK site to shop for Japanese prints and notions.

Next up is one metre of Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic in Sorbet from Sew Hot, which I ordered for a specific project... and now I don't remember what!! It is super pretty through, shot through with blue, pink and yellow metallic strands.

The new and upcoming collections from Tilda really are beautiful, I always like the colours they use and when I saw they had some basics I couldn't resist ordering from Sew and So. I bought the medium dots, which I think will be a great blender and would also make a lovely binding fabric.

left to right: Medium Dots in Ginger, Maroon and Grey by Tilda

This isn't at all sewing related but as I occasionally document my life here too I wanted to share the new tattoo I got last week. It's been one I planned for some time and I finally found an artist I wanted to do it. I contacted Alex Fraser and he custom designed my tattoo with everything I wanted in it! The flowers all have personal meaning for me, the anchor is for my faith and 'mutiny' is a reminder of the brilliant manifesto in the book Be More Pirate - which I highly recommend reading, very thought provoking! He works at Tooth and Talon Tattoo in Manchester, it was such a good atmosphere in there and a completely enjoyable experience.

Back to more sewing stuff, today was a good post day! The latest Signs of the Sewdiac subscription box arrived, probably my favourite design so far - so pretty and hand sewing is my favourite thing! The notebook is gorgeous, with dot grid paper, another beautiful pin, sticker, card and a pen. Some starry bias binding too, which I know will be useful! 

And this little cutie arrived! I ordered it from Etsy, sold as a vintage planter - obviously now destined to become a pin cushion. I just have to find the perfect fabric...

I love it's face. The nice shade of pink and the gold accents. Also the sweet birds on the pot, totally reminds me of Bambi. Which is what I was calling it but then is it more Faline (the doe in Bambi)? It doesn't have to be a girl because it's pink does it. I like both names, I'm still undecided!!

It's all go preparing for a busy weekend. We've got the middles birthday, a print fair and a family get together. If you happen to be in Manchester this weekend, come and say hello - look for Prints of Cats.

I hope you have a great weekend what ever you are up to!