I have no finishes and haven't been up to much, except a little bit of stitching on this lovely:

It keeps getting folded up and moved around but, for those of you that wanted to know, the hera marker has done me proud and the creases are still there. I'll let you know if they remain when I'm finished too.

Also just wanted to share that Fluffy Sheep Quilting has Simple StyleTechnicolor and Nordika in stock now

Nordika Wildflowers

You might want to stock up on Aurifil thread at great prices! (I have succumbed to some myself).

So now the bit where I'm hoping one of you smarty pants helps me out...

I have some fabric that I know nothing about, I have failed to take any pictures of it today so I'm going to try my best to describe it. It feels like brushed cotton on one side and more of a light canvas on the other. I'm pretty certain it is meant for curtains or sofas or something but I want to make a top out of it - a very simple top. Is this possible? Am I mad? Will I end up looking like this...?

It is a pretty pale blue solid though and so, so, so soft to stroke! Should you only use lightweight fabrics for clothes? Is there a reason for that (as in it looks better, hangs better, is created for clothes making and no you should not use curtain fabric to make yourself a top silly Lucy?!)?

*oh and check out Le Challenge tomorrow for an announcement*