I did something bad. Not illegal bad but quilty bad. I had some fabric I didn't love, I made a very quick quilt top thinking of adding another baby quilt to sell at the PTA fair and then got to quilting it. REALLY badly, puckers and all. It was shocking. Worse than my first quilt ;)
I tried to think of ways to make it look better but everything I could think of would have made it worse and wasted more of my time!
I cut off pieces of wadding I could keep and some of the backing fabric and then threw the lot away. A total waste. Of my time. Of fabric too, yes. A big lesson learnt. I will sew what I love, experiment away and try new things but I will not hurry, I will not make something for the sake of it. I may make things I don't love in the end but if I'm honest I hated it from the start and I won't ever be starting something I don't even like. Confession over.

There was something bugging me about that missing 'g' on Bloglovin'(g) and after Helen and a few people mentioned Feedly I decided just to see if I could get it to work - I'd tried previously but it didn't like my operating system but give them time... the Feedly team have obviously been working hard and it now works awesomely on my very old (it's about 85 in computer years) macbook. So yeah!!
It had all the features I missed from Google Reader that I couldn't get on Bloglovin'. I may switch between the two until I am totally convinced but honestly from just a day of using it I think I'm a Feedly convert!!

I've added a Feedly button too for those of you using that to make it easier to follow me (although 70 something people already do - thanks!).

Oh and Lois likes spinach with cheese, yeah!

Fred is off school today (teacher's strike) and tomorrow (teacher training) so he's hanging out with me and Lois. This morning we did some gardening and repotted his tomato plant then we made chocolate banana muffins. They turned out pretty good! Not sure what adventures we will get up to this afternoon :)

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