I need to send you on a little journey but first I just wanted to check in quickly...

Firstly I had an amazing time on Wednesday with the kitchen quilt guild. I'm officially in love with Lynne, Laura, Katy, Brioni, Amanda, Justine and Mandy! Such a great bunch of women and a proper laugh! I got no sewing done, ate a lovely lunch in brilliant company and was able to see some of their fabulous creations up close. Even my daughter said 'can we go again next week?'

I took no photos because I'm a numpty and forgot my (husband's) camera. I did come away with this gorgeous stitching from Justine - she'd done one for all of us, she's like Superwoman with a needle!

Thank you Justine!! It's a reminder of the best weekend :)

This week I'm linking up to...

There and Back

because LOOK, I started making my Rose Stars again and, oh my, I'm so happy!! 

Stitching bliss!
So now the journey...

Today I'm being featured on Follower Friday over at Knotted- Thread, so would you please do me a kindness and come and see me there?! You can learn a little bit more about me (so if I ever come to your house you can make me a cheese and marmite sandwich!)


I'm planning to get lots of sewing time in this weekend, hope you do too!