I'm linking up to the wonderful Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting :) for the great experiment that is Free Motion Friday!

I love doing this, I do but honestly I'm despairing. I'm getting worse. Fmq is not my friend right now *pouts*
Here's my go at pine needles:

I mean really. I can't even follow a line!! The first 3 lines are not even going in different directions because I was concentrating so hard I forgot that bit!! The 2nd column I did backwards (away from me) hoping that might help - clearly not. Here's the back:

Huh?? I've not had anything to drink (maybe that's the problem) but no matter how I tried it it wouldn't work!
I do really love this pattern so it's a shame this is crap but I tried and I think I'll call this pine leaves ;) Not one I'll be using though!
Nor will I ever use stomach lining because I simply can't do it. Last week I said I'd try again (why??!) so I did:

It's like a carnation made of jelly! oh well.

After that failed attempt I thought I'd have one more shot at doing straight lines and pine needles. I sewed a solitary pine tree:

Now I think this one is kind of cute!! The answer may lie in me sewing outside the box.

Am I better at lines or curves?? Neither but I'm hoping to improve and next week will certainly be a challenge. I've got so much to do but this week I really want to take some time each day when I can to practice rather than leaving it until the last minute. I did this at 2.00pm today!

I wore tights while I did this fmq (yes I realise that may be a lame excuse but I'm taking anything I can!!) so I'm going to take them off now and try to do more fmq lines on my Dead Simple quilt :)

p.s.  Honestly I think I'm usually quite cheery and positive, this might be a little too much information and I really apologise but want to explain that I think I'm PMSing really badly so sorry for being grouchy the past few days. Sometimes it's hard to be a woman.