Sunday, 16 October 2016

I am cracking on ~ FAL Q4 2016

I have a lot going on and so don't want to put too much pressure on myself but at the same time I need a clear out. There are so many works in progress around here it is getting silly. That being said, this quarter I am planning on dealing with the ones that are nearly finished, have a deadline or really want to do. I am going to push myself but enjoy getting this lot done!

Here's my list of projects I want to complete for the Finish-A-Long...

1. My Rose Star Quilt - just a bit more hand quilting and then binding to do:

2. Guitar Baby Quilt - top done so needs quilting and binding:

3. Octopus Pouch - I got this awesome fabric from Skinny Malinky Quilts and I want to make the Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch from Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi:

4.  Hexie tiles - as much as I think these would make an amazing quilt I am planning on making a cushion:

5. A Place For Everything bag - I have the pattern from By Annie and am all set to go:

6. Christmas Banner - I want to make a nice welcoming Christmas banner to hang in the hall. Also I have some of this fabric that I really want to use:

7. Apron - I have a custom order for a denim gardening apron using unwanted jeans, should be a fun make:

8. Liberty flower mini hoops - I've made one already but I have two more epp flowers so I want to make a couple more of these:

9. Butterfly Quilt - I don't think this will get done but it deserves a place, mostly because Joan asks me to finish it at least once a week and also because it is a stunning quilt top with blocks from my lovely bee mates:

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting, and it's not even close to all the WIPs I have, but this list should give me some focus and I hope to have them all checked off by next year!

If you linked up, how many projects do you have to finish this quarter?

2016 FAL


  1. Great list Lucy! I am in love with those guitars!

  2. You have a lot on your plate there Lucy! Good luck- I will enjoy seeing these get across the finish line!

  3. wow Lucy! What a lot of gorgeous makes! Good luck with them all :-)

  4. Hi Lucy! I start to feel the same but also I'm dying to start a new quilt project ... do I have any quilt wip? can't remember! All your projects are fantastic but today I'm mostly drawn to your bag supplies! So beautiful fabrics and the charm is super! x Teje

  5. I would stop everything and finish the butterfly quilt. It would be so beautiful.

  6. Lucy, such beautiful projects. Love the guitars, the butterflys, the octopus fabric and all the rest. Good luck on meeting your goals and I hope you have fun while you are working on them.

  7. A great list , and very doable . Some of those are so close to a finish . Good luck x

  8. A great bunch!!! I love your butterfly quilt, I have also started one but has been on hold mode for quite a while now...there is quite a while on my to-do list too: my snapshots quilt is in the quilting phase, I have a bunch of crazy log cabin blocks awaiting to be pieced together, my 1930s farmers wives quilts, a few more at a very elementary stage and a great deal of ideas in my head.....

  9. wowsers! That's a challenging list. Good luck sewing thru it!

  10. What a great list. I'm afraid to actually post to the FAL--so much commitment. :)