Thursday, 8 September 2016

my continuing creative story

I have always been a bit crafty. There were scrunchies and friendship bracelets when I was younger, some black work embroidery and I enjoyed craft design technology and art at school. I did some jewellery making, knitting, card making, lots of painting and drawing but I never really stuck at any of it.

To be honest I'm not sure how or why I began quilting. It wasn't even that long ago, I started my blog at the same time as I had just finished my first quilt... AAHHH I've missed my five year bloggiversary! Will have to do something about that and have a little celebration soon!

Anyway it might have been the quilters in my family encouraging me or maybe stumbling across sewing blogs but I am largely self taught. I just went for it and completely fell in love with patterns, fabric, the whole process of patchwork and quilting. It felt so good to find something I loved doing, with so many possibilities and techniques to learn.

Initially using simple patterns, often with monochrome or complementary colours of fabric,  I made quilts for family and friends. Fairly quickly I wanted to challenge myself - adapting patterns, sewing curves, free motion quilting and creating my own designs all in the first year. Then I began hand quilting and learnt how to do English Paper Piecing - this was a big deal for me! I had sped through making quite a few quilts on my machine and it was a really nice chance of pace, I am still working on finishing my first EPP quilt (I am hand quilting it now!). Applique and hand piecing have also become firm favourites. To see all the quilts I have finished so far click here.

Though I never considered myself to be someone that gets bored easily I do think being able to sew on machine or by hand, as well as having different projects to work on, is part of what has kept me going. I am inspired by fabric, the potentiality of putting shapes together, cutting, piecing and sewing. 

I still have so much to learn, explore and develop when it comes to quilting and I am excited by that. I want to create more designs and make make make.

I am linking up to Poppy and Poochie for her Grow Your Creativity series - check out Lucy from SkinnyMalinkyQuilts guest post here!

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  1. There are just not enough hours in a day to make, make, make the things on my ever-growing list! Sometimes the energy flags too! But we have to remember to enjoy the journey as well as the destination! Your black perle stitching looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Lucy! Wonderful post! I think many quilters have tried (and like) all kind of crafts but then quilting is the thing they really love. Perhaps it is as you said that quilting has so many possibilities and making a quilt is not just sewing, it's planning, fabrics, colours, shapes (puzzle), sewing with machine or hand, making a 'painting' and story. x Teje

  3. Lucy
    EPP is on my 2017 small list of fabric goals. So when are you coming across "the Pond" as in the Atlantic to teach? I'd love to just be in the room and feel your creativity! Thank you for being "stichy", it's always great to try one of your new found techniques and love it!


  4. another lovely blog post I enjoyed reading. It is amazing that its only 5 years ago you started quilting. I remember spending hours making friendship bracelets, mostly for my daughter's friends. I don't miss that!