I was looking at my glasses case and thinking how much I didn't love the pattern on it when it occurred to me I could totally do something about it! So I did!

Recently I bought some Mod Podge for fabric and on a total whim I decided to pick out fabric and use some Mod Podge to cover the case.

I use the case all the time, switching between my prescription sunglasses and eye glasses so I want it to look pretty.

When I started to disassemble the case there was a moment of panic but it turned out to be easy. I took the inner part out, carefully peeled the covers off the front and back of the case and used them as a template on my fabric.

I put a small amount of glue on the case itself but there was still some tacky glue left over on the outside so I just stretched the fabric over the case and didn't worry about making it too neat as the inner part of the case covers the edges of the fabric.

The fabric is Indigo Newsprint, Story by Carrie Bloomston. I love all the messages in the text print. There is even some about sewing! I really like having 'Blessings' on the top of the case, a reminder to be thankful and focus on the positives.

Then I used a glue spreader (like you get in school) to cover the fabric in Mod Podge

I didn't really know what to do when it came to the hinge. I was going to cut the excess off with a craft knife but I'm not sure it would have worked well (maybe after it dried?). After I opened and closed it a few times I realised it didn't matter at all and I like the loose threads so I just added more Mod Podge! I left it to dry for 24hrs.  

So far so good! It lives in my bag, which gets carried on school runs, to the shops etc. It hasn't shown any signs of damage and I'm calling it a win!

It's a fun way to change an everyday object into something that makes me smile!