Sunday, 2 August 2015

what a day

We went to North Wales today, a fun filled trip to the seaside. Only once we actually got there the tide was in and it was pouring with rain. The kids were not best pleased but thankfully there's a great play area in Prestatyn so they were able to do a bit of climbing and swinging until the rain got too much and it all started to get a bit hazardous.

Rather than give up we drove down the road a bit and went to Gronant Dunes, which was really beautiful and the weather very obligingly cleared up :)

The pebble beach was thoroughly enjoyed by us all and we loved looking at all the different colours and patterns of the rocks and pebbles.

Unfortunately the journey home was really long, after an accident somewhere on the motorway, but we played those annoying family car games and made it back without too much chaos!

This week I enjoyed a couple of nice quilty treats...

I got some of this fabric from Patchfinders, I seem to be oddly drawn to brown at the moment! I think it gives brighter colours a nice base and it's such a warm colour, I'm started to think it's underrated. Also this print is just cute.

These gorgeous papers arrived from Sew & Quilt:

I can't wait to sew up this pincushion kit, Jessie stocks the most gorgeous quilting fabric and she has great taste!

I'm thrilled to be able to get papers in the UK and Sew & Quilt have a great range, including new curved shapes:

I also got my copy of Simply Moderne this week. It is the perfect combination of really inspirational quilts, fabulous patterns and genuinely interesting well written articles and interviews. I know that I will be referring back to it and expect to see it influencing my sewing too! You can see more and get your copy here. Congratulations to the wonderfully talented Rachael for the amazing Bubbles quilt cover!

and now I'm going to go and conk out!!

Molli Sparkles


  1. Beautiful photos of your trip!
    I love brown too! What's wrong with brown anyway? I still haven't understood...

  2. A day at the beach always wears you out! I bet the kids sleep well....

  3. Wonderful photos of beautiful views and big happy beach smiles. I agree Simply Modern is a great magazine. Thanks for mentioning me and my cover quilt, it's still a bit surreal seeing it.

  4. I am very intrigued by your new-found affinity for brown, Lucy! I have a hard time using it. I tend to either go super pale or super dark; the browns in between don't seem modern to me. So keep it coming ... I'd love to see how you use the brown fabrics you recently acquired!

  5. I like your balance of family and fabric here. That's how most of us live between the reality of family and the fantasies with our fabrics. Sweet pictures!

  6. Oh it's a while since I visited North Wales Lucy, you've brought back memories of my then very small eldest children playing on the sands there. Did you enjoy seeing all my fave local quilt stores in Victoria's NYC article in the magazine, it's a fab piece!? - Chris :D

  7. For a couple of years I always cut my own EPP pieces, now there are so many easily available online and it saves so much time and effort. I might be investing in some clamshells soon now, just seeing the pack makes me want to try them. x

  8. That's because brown is an equally valid colour that should be embraced as equally as aqua or orange or grey ;) Where did you get the mag from? I want one!

  9. Your brown fabric looks like a great match for your beach pictures. I can see it working perfectly in a landscape quilt.