Saturday, 7 December 2013

Making Christmas Cross Stitch

Thank you to Janine and Rebecca for asking me to be part of this years Making Christmas! I knew I wanted to make more decorations this year and I've been wanting to try cross stitch on fabric for a while so this was the perfect opportunity for me to merge the two.

I love Christmas songs so I went with my favourite and a couple that just sprung to mind...

You can view and download the patterns for free here, it is just the grids so you know where to stitch but that's really all you need right?! You could use the pattern on anything not just for ornaments - I think they'd look great on Christmas cushions with some embroidery.

I made a couple of ornaments and unfortunately they didn't quite go to plan. I used some soluble canvas so I could cross stitch on fabric and watching it disappear in the water was cool! I'm alright with admitting these were done quickly and aren't the prettiest things I've ever made. I think I will try the patterns in another way. My tree is ok, I think the fabric and cute button make it a little retro...

but my idea of making a bell was disastrous, I mean really bad! Even my daughter had no idea what it was, so that was quickly scrapped (without photographic evidence) and turned into a more modern triangle. Maybe an odd shape for Christmas but just go with it, ok?!

Thankfully I've been saved and my wonderful friend Erin at Missy Mac Creations made this gorgeous version. Thank you my love! Aren't those christmas bauble buttons the cutest?!

In my defence I've had a poorly baby this week, she's thankfully starting to eat again and doing much better but I haven't had much sewing time. My son drew us a Christmas picture to cheer us up:

I've also been busy hanging around the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, where my husband is having the second Yuck Pop Up. The opening night was a lot of fun and he's been busy selling framed prints. Since it's small business Saturday this weekend it would be great if you could come and visit or if you're too far then check out the website!

These Text Book Studio and Brainstorm prints are a couple of my favourites.

So my list looks like this...

- Christmas gifts for kid's school teachers - working on my 'giving free gifts'! I've got 3 done.
- Christmas ornaments - 2 down and one to do
Quilt for one of my best friends Giant Chevron Quilt - done!
- yoga bag - no progress
- custom quilt order - top done, needs basting and quilting.
- dresses for the girls - I'm not sure this will get done but I really want to!


Now it's your turn, how are you getting on with Making Christmas? Link up your lists:


  1. I love these ornaments! How cool! These would be perfect ornaments on my girls tree (ie not breakable!). Thank you Lucy, I've been trying to decide what to do with their tree...

  2. Your ornaments are fun, I want to try water soluble canvas.

  3. poor lois! I'm glad she's on the mend. those prints are fun - love the orange and green one!

    your ornaments are cute, lucy! they have a very british handmade look to them. =) I don't know how to describe that, exactly, but they look like something out of molly makes to me.

    we have a few wall decorations that look like fred's picture he drew. I've been so busy making the quilts for Christmas, I haven't done anything else Christmas-y just yet. my kids have taken over the decorating for now. I love their handmades & drawings, so it's win-win for me.

  4. These are great, Lucy! I love homemade decorations and I've got some of that dissolving mesh somewhere but I've never tried it out. I hope your baby is feeling better and the Yuck Pop Up goes well. Thanks so much for hosting Making Christmas :)

  5. Those ornaments are perfect! And I love Erins one too!
    Hope your little lady is feeling better!

  6. I must try cross-stitch this coming year. Those ornaments are ahhhdorable. I really like those prints too. Going to check out the website :)

    Hope your baby gets well soon!

  7. Great idea, go with a 'modern take' on bells when describing the triangle

  8. Oh you fibber you - these are great! I actually LOVE the triangle and agree with Katy, it's a modern take on a bell. Looks great. x

  9. don't be so hard on yourself! I think they look good!