Monday, 12 August 2013

Fugly just got Fuglier!

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You've Lost That Loving Feeling

a duo of link parties for your sad, unloved fabric and projects.

Those of you who've been round these parts for a while will be familiar with my fugly fabric party. For those who aren't here's the general idea...

People in blog land are often organising their fabric, making room for the new and picking fabrics for all the lovely projects and QALs that are about. There's always so many beautiful new lines and so much fabric temptation to buy and stash.

There's also that other fabric. The fabric that you might never use, the ones you used to love, the ones that you don't know why you bought, the fabric sitting there taunting you, or hiding away at the back of a drawer somewhere! We all have it, it's the fugly fabric.

What if you could give it to someone else, someone that might actually like it and use it?!

It doesn't have to be really ugly - it could be any bits that you don't want anymore, you know you won't use it, you're sick of looking at it or you think it is actually ugly. Maybe you have a piece of fabric leftover from a quilt that you don't really need and can do without. Write a blog post and give it away!!

You can have a giveaway, a competition, a swap, offer to send it to anyone that will pay the postage - whatever you choose. I'll have a linky party and you can all have a look around other people's blogs seeing what fabric they have to offer and maybe find some gems! One person's trash is another's treasure.

Now Laura of Quokka Quilts has had the brilliant idea of extending this to WIPs and unfinished projects that you've lost the love for.

You might have some blocks you don't care for, random things you've started and given up on maybe. Something someone else could put to good use, finish or incorporate in another project? 

So starting on 24th August Laura and I will open our link parties. They will be open for a week so those of you that want to swap have time to do that and you can encourage people to enter your giveaway if you chose to do one.

Posts about Fugly fabric can be linked at Charm About You and posts about blocks and WIPS at Quokka Quilts.

This is double the opportunity to clear some room, unburden yourself and share some fabric love. Have a dig around, clear out those bottom drawers, find that FQ you'll never use or block stuffed under a pile of other stuff!

Get grabbing these buttons, please put them on your blog and spread the word.

We want to bring back that loving feeling.

Grab button for Fugly party
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Grab button for Lost The Love
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  1. haha! Clever ol' you! What about all the other things we don't want....? My sliderule and log table, the betamax videos, the tape cassettes...

  2. Hmmmm I'll have to have a think...

  3. Yay - I LOVE the Fugly Fabric Party!! Off to gather my pretties... pretty-uglies that is!!!

  4. Excellent! I was thinking of emailing you the other day to ask about another fugly party. Bring it on!

  5. Oooh fab!! I will join in! x

  6. I'm soooooooooo in. Sooooooo in. Yep.

  7. Ha! Fugly is back! That's great. I'll participate for sure.
    I love 99.9% of my stash, but there are still a few unloved pieces left. And tomorrow I'll get a bag of patchwork fabrics from my MIL's cousin and I have no idea how they will look...

  8. Fugly is definitely the new grey... hee hee or sumint like that.
    Great idea.

  9. What a great idea - off to have a rummage through my WIPs

  10. I have an embarrassing stash of fugly fabrics that seem to have accumulated behind my back, I shall try and remember to link up! Come to think of it, there's a project or two in the making as well...

  11. I was wondering when the party would be back! How fun. I know I've got a few bits that say "I'm fugly" whenever I see them. Time to unload them.

  12. Oh, I just went through my entire stash and surveyed my WIPs this weekend. I also just bought a mystery box of Free Spirit FQ and there were some definite fuglys included that I placed on the side for the next party

  13. Hmm this would mean tidying my sewing room so I could find all the bits I hide in the back of my cupboards. I'm not sure I'm that brave... It's such a great idea though!

  14. Such a good idea - I definitely have fuglies. And something I could giveaway as WIPs.