Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Attacking the WIPs

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So I said I was being relaxed about my sewing, which I totally am but oddly that seems to mean getting more done! I have been flitting around working on bits here and there and even starting a couple of new projects. Taking the pressure off myself feels so good and makes sewing way more fun - surely the whole point!!


- Vintage Holiday QAL, which became a tree skirt:

- Birthday crown for my son's friend:

This was heavily influenced by Maureen's beautiful crowns and I used this tutorial by Frontier Dreams for the construction. I didn't have felt so I used cotton, sewed on some yo-yos with buttons and appliqued some leaves. It was fun to make and something special for the birthday girl!


So many birthdays to attend!!  I guess that's what happens when your kid goes to school. We had two parties last week, two more this weekend and one next week. That means present sewing...

- 2 pouches using lovely Aneela Hooey 'Walk in the Woods'

- A little lap quilt for my daughter's friend. I'm using up scraps of lovely bird, garden, flowery prints so this one will be called the Girly Garden quilt! I already had some charms cut up left over from other projects and hopefully the scrappy works. We go to playgroup with this adorable girl, her mother has been a great friend and support each week as we sit, drink coffee and chat while the girls play! Actually I've known her since I had my son, who used to play at the same group with her older daughter and we were even pregnant with our youngest girls at the same time! I will miss her terribly next year when they start nursery.

in progress

- Baby quilt. Top done, needs pressing along with the backing and the binding:

- Braid quilt, a couple more strips done:

- Rose Star block number 19:

- Kids project, coming along, there's a few elements but it's coming together.

no progress

- pin cushion
- Blogger's BOM
- Retro Flowers
- Granny Blanket (Rachel so needs to come over again I think I might have forgotten what to do I've left it so long!!!)

I'm 28 weeks, in the last trimester and apparently the baby can now open it's eyes and has eyelashes! I'm getting very little sleep, still lots of reflux. I've also got restless legs syndrome... I'm the most moaning hormonal monster right now (my poor husband!). There are moments though, deep and pure moments where I can honestly say I'm so utterly happy, so connected to this growing, kicking baby that I feel filled up with love...
if that wasn't sickly enough we've also been cooking some flapjack!

completed: 2
new projects: 3
in progress: 12

Hope you're all having happy, pressure free sewing time too!

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  1. GORGEOUS birthday crown!!! The yo-yos are just perfect.

  2. You should stockpile some of these projects when they are finished and then blog them after the baby is born and pretend you are even more of a superwoman than you are already.

  3. So glad everything is going well xxx

  4. Lovely crown. I have to make some too!

  5. My goodness you get lots done! Love that little crown. You put so much work into it. Glad you are happy even though you aren't sleeping much. I absolutely loved being pregnant. Perhaps that's why we had 6........

  6. I love Susan's suggestion!! Glad all is going well, apart from the reflux and the restless legs - any chance they'll go away on their own (i.e. before Baby B arrives?!). Hope you've got your (restless) feet up xx

  7. That crown is so lovely! My Emma would have loved it when she was younger, although I'm pretty sure she'd still love it now! I had restless legs so bad during pregnancy and even now (my youngest is 6) I still get them now and then. I feel for you!!

  8. That birthday crown is fantastic! I love your tree skirt, too.

    I am so happy for you and your growing baby. It doesn't matter if you are hormonal, there is something so amazing about having a baby!

    I have so many works in progress, too! I am glad to know I am not alone in having more than a few WIPs!

  9. Amazing Lucy! You are in sewing overdrive. Beautiful makes. Commiserations on the lack of sleep. Di x

  10. Everything is so lovely, Lucy! It is funny how much just making the decision to sew without stressing yourself really does make it fun again! Sorry you aren't getting much rest. My reflux was really bad for a while right in the middle, then oddly it eased up towards the end. Hopefully yours will, too! Glad to hear you are doing well!

  11. Oh no, I'm going over to Fresh Squeezed.....thanks a lot Lucy. ;)

    Your projects look great!

  12. The crown is so cool! Can I you keep me some flapjack! My third trimester is clearly the sugary one...

  13. The crown is so awesome! You're going to make her day so special!

  14. Love the birthday crown! She will always treasure it, I'm sure!

  15. Oh yeah the croan is amazing! As are all the other lovelies. Look after yourself Lucy :-)

  16. Wow you sure know how to keep busy! Such fun looking projects. Now I really want some flapjacks...maybe I should rustle some up...providing we have oats.....=D

  17. aww, I want to come up to Manchester and give you a great big hug. This post has cheere dup my green gunk filled day

  18. Love love love your Christmas Quilt!

  19. LOVE THAT CROWN!!! Dude, if my girls saw that...I'd be toast. ;)

  20. The crown is so adorably creative and perfect! :) I feel for you, too.. :/ I had reflux soooo bad with my son, I had to sleep sitting up some nights. Ugh. As miserable as it is, though, it's just so worth it in the end. I hope you get some rest soon, though. xo

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  22. Your rose star block is gorgeous! How did you figure out what size paper pieces you need? Say you start with a hexy that's got 2" sides. It's pretty clear the pieces attached also have to have 2" sides, but then how do you figure out all the other pieces?

  23. I love all your projects.

    Restless legs: have a warm bath. It does help. Apparently it's beacuse our legs don't get to relax often they get restless. Showering is to our legs 'nore standing'.