Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A little WIP and a vintage handbag

I've had a happy week and some small finishes...


- Bee Blessed blocks:

- Blogger's BOM blocks:

new projects

I joined a Bee!! I'm delighted and there are so many cool ladies in this group, some I have the pleasure of knowing through their blogs and I'm excited to get to know them all better! It's international and scrappy and I love it :)
I'll be working on a block this month for May's queen bee, May - that's how good she is at planning, even matching her name to the month!
I managed to make a little button for our bee and it'll be fun seeing our bee develop on the Flickr group:

Scrappy? Sew bee it!


- I did finish my last two embroideries for the FQR swap and have basted the hexagons but still not done!

- Stained QAL, all was going well until I ran out of thread. More has been ordered, right now it looks like this:

- Retro flowers... well hold on to your hats I managed to make half a block!!!

I love it already!! ;)
This is going to take me forever but it'll be worth it. I'm using Essex linen for the background and the texture is just so beautiful.

I am sewing my curves without pins but when it came to piecing the blocks I followed the pattern and pinned... this is what happens when I pin (because I'm lazy, hate pinning and REFUSE to take them out!!)

Would you believe this pin won?!! The needle broke! oh well... I am thinking of pressing my seams in different directions so I can butt them up and sew them that way, it might be quicker and less painful for the pins!!
Those of you making these blocks any tips on speeding up the process a little?? Otherwise I may end up with half a block a week and I'll run out of pins!!

no progress

- rose star blocks, I just feel sick about not doing any but I think with all the retreat preparation going on I'll just resign myself to looking forward to summer and catching up with them in the garden :)

completed: 2
new: 1
in progress: 5

I meant to share this with you a while ago but think I forgot...

My mum gave me this beautiful handbag that belonged to my Grandmother. It has no label or make printed anywhere I can see. I think it's some sort of skin rather than leather and it has the MOST AMAZING clasp and fittings.

Look at those pockets and that beautiful built in clasp purse! Heaven!
It's only quite small compared to today's huge bags. It measures approx. 10" x 6" x 4.5".
I adore it, am terrified to use it and it is too dainty and precious for all my crap anyway!!
Maybe just for a special occasion?! And keep it nice for my daughter :)

If anyone has any clue about bags or what they think it was made from I'd love to know!! I'm pretty certain it's pre WW2.

Well back to the grind...

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  1. Wonderful bag! You are so fortunate to have inherited such a gorgeous vintage piece! :) As to when it was made, you might try contacting Solanah at Vixen Vintage ( or Casey at Elegant Musings ( They are both incredibly knowledgeable about vintage items and would probably be willing to help you out. And they have awesome blogs! :)

    Here is my progress on the retro flower. That quilt is killing me :( I pinned and sewed petals for a week straight. I have to keep telling myself to chill out, this quilt is a patience builder ;p
    Your blocks looking great! It will be so beautiful when its done :)
    Ps - I've started and finished 3 other quilts while struggling with the retro flower quilt... I will conquer it this week! I will ;)

  3. Pps - I am also pressing in a more traditional "butt up the seams" way. Its faster and ...well, it's just faster ;)
    Ppps - I love all of your blocks! They are spectacular! The bag rocks too :)

  4. HaHa! I do that to pins all the time, though not sure if I ever got such a bend in one. And I regularly break needles too. Glad to know I am in good company!!

  5. Where do I start with all this loveliness? Your embroidery is so cute...perfect tiny stitches! Love your blocks! That is one BENT pin! And your vintage handbag is really something. If you learn more about it, I'd love to know!

  6. I bet if you tried to do that to a pin you never could. Of course you'd never want to would you - certainly not at the expense of a needle and the shock of having one break. They always seem to break dramatically when I break one!

  7. I think pressing seams to alternating sides is the only way to go. So much faster and pretty easy to line up corners.

    Beautiful bag!!! And I love the Bee Blessed blocks!

  8. Haha Lucy I thought you were recommending some new gadget before I started reading!

    Love your half block - at least you are a half block ahead of me!

    Must finish more quilts first! And lots of other things!

  9. LOL So many of my pins go that way... that's kinda why I hardly use them now... lol

  10. I always sew over the pins. It isn't often that the needle breaks though. I tend to break them when inserting zippers. You have got some lovely finishes. It is nice to finish a variety of things over a short period of time. BTW I love that bag. I would just use it as it is so nice! Di x

  11. Love the bag, and feel your Retro pain!

  12. I love the bag and the half flower! I always sew over my pins and rarely break/bend one - have you tried slowing down slightly when you're about 0..25"-0.125" away from it and staying slow(er) until you've gone over it? Now, get on with the FQR swap!!!

  13. The bag is just gorgeous, lucky you! I love all the things you've made this week - the embroideries look edible, and the fussy cut tree is v cool.

  14. I love the Bee Blessed blocks but especially the one on the right.
    Super wee bag, almost looks like a doctor's bag.

  15. I saw that you joined the bee. Have just joined my first one but if I knew about this one I would have joined. And you have done more than me on the Retro flower!

  16. Love that ladylike purse! Your embroidery is beautiful too.

  17. Gorgeous makes! Most of my pins look like that, I really should bring some safety glasses home from work ;-)

  18. Loving the blocks, and congrats on the bee!

    How could you run out of thread though?! Oh wait, you must be one of those people that uses something other than white, black or cream to piece, right? ;o)

    Retro flowers - production line it baby! All the curves, then all the squares, then all the squaring up, and then it flies together

  19. Could the bag be pigskin? It is very handsome.

    Pins have to be put in at 90 degrees to the seam if you are going to sew over them. If you are a non pinner ( as I am a non tacker) then just get on without! Your stuff is so good normally why change method?

    Congrats on joining the bee.
    Right, am on the run, back to swans!

  20. Wow, so many lovely finishes. The retro flowers are slow. I think there's no avoiding it. I do sew over my pins (I always have some extra needles on hand for the odd oops). I also pressed all my seams open, I like the flatter finish and you can see your seams when matching them. Good luck! The one you have done looks really neat.

  21. love your embroidery! I avoid using pins as much as possible - I hate taking time to put them in :)

  22. Your blocks are looking fab. I try to pin so the ends of the pins stop 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric and are mostly missed by the needle or it just slip over the ends - but that would work with very small pieces.

  23. That pin needle picture made me laugh ;-)
    What a treasure you got there from your mom!

  24. Lucy, Hello! I just wanted to say hi and that your projects are lovely as always. That purse is amazing! Have fun rocking that around town! Cheers!

  25. You pin looked like a new quilting tool...and if that is the case...I have a lot of those innovative tools...HA!

  26. Yay for our bee button! Your blocks are fab, loooove the bag (I'm a sucker for anything vintage) and your petals are fantastic!

  27. I cannot wait to see your Stained all finished! And that purse is fabulous!

  28. Your Retro Flowers block is looking awesome, Lucy!

  29. What a Fab vintage purse,and all the more so since it was your grandmothers! All our stitching is looking quite lovely :)

  30. you have been very busy again! love your stained

  31. What a classic and lovely bag! Your blocks are lovely too.

  32. Ahhh! Sewing Over Pins. Not to worry. It happens to me all the time ;-) Love the bag. It's got that alluring Hermes Kelly sophistication.