There are lots of lovely sew a-longs going on to keep us busy and creative during this crazy time. I feel like I need a focus. The thing I have most been looking forward to starts today, the 100 day project. You can find all the info about the project here. It's open to all sorts of artists + creatives and really any project you can think up. I've joined in before and this year is perhaps my most challenging yet for various reasons. Everything is set up, my planner has the 100 days noted with a sticker and I will check it off each day. Notebooks at the ready for my writing and designs. Fabric for creating. Brain bursting with inspiration.

The project I will be doing is '100 days not letting dreams be dreams' #100daysnotlettingdreamsbedreams, you can follow the hashtag on instagram to see what I get up to! Inspired by this, my idea is to do a little bit everyday to make my dream come true. The actual project I want to make is a bit of a secret, it will involve some reading, sketching, writing and designing. Where I can't show pictures I may well just chat on stories or show something else and write about my progress instead. Not really sure how it will work out but my friend Michelle has encouraged me and knows this is an important project for me, so here goes!

I have had a rearrange of my sewing space / our dining room. Which involved moving my sewing desk from one side of the room to the other. In the process I did have a clear out and now, despite it's messy appearance, it is well ordered and everything has a place. There's just a LOT of stuff. It has made me want to spend time at my machine and currently I am finishing off sewing blocks from the Land of Magic quilt pattern by Kerry Goulder of Kid Giddy and really enjoying it.

There has been some progress on my hand sewn Manx Log Cabin blocks and I caught up with the Peppermint Purple Stitch-A-long - a great free blackwork SAL for 2020, with a new section of the pattern released each week. I'm using Aurifil Brillo and Aurifloss to stitch on 18 count Aida. Hopefully the nice weather might stick around for a bit and I could spend the bank holiday working on this in the garden

Yesterday after work I nipped out to get some shopping for us and a couple of neighbours. I decided to wear this Liberty silk scarf, which belonged to my grandmother. She had good taste. It feels so incredibly soft and it brightened my spirit. There is joy to be found in small things.
But I will need to cut my own fringe soon.

This little one has lost three teeth recently, two since we have been on lock down. My son has also lost one. I've heard that the tooth fairy is now out of pound coins and won't be using cash because of the virus so there will have to be IOU notes given should my children lose any more teeth. Let's hope not!! (note to self: hoard pound coins)

Stay safe and well at home x