There hasn't been a whole lot of stashing going on but when I see my favourite designers and prints there isn't much self control to be had! 
Here's a little fabric splurge and I've also discovered what is currently my favourite notion and have to share the joy...

brass seam ripper Pam Damour The Decorating Diva

Who doesn't occasionally (or often!) have to reach for a seam ripper? I've tried a few and I do like the Prym large seam ripper, the fact that it's bigger and ergonomic really does make a difference for long seams. It's sharp too, which is a must. I like having two though and despite trying other ones I still hadn't found the perfect one to put in my travel kit - just to be clear that's usually the kit I use a lot because it's also the one I keep beside me when I'm hand sewing on the sofa (as well as taking with me when I travel). 
After browsing around I came across this seam ripper by Pam Damour, lovely and delicate made of beautiful brass. It's very pretty, there is something so dainty about it and it certainly feels dainty when you're holding it but it rips perfectly. I'm going to put it through it paces over time and report back but the seams I've ripped thus far have gone smoothly, it's really sharp and I do like the smaller size of this one. As a plus the lid also fits onto the end, making it easier to hold and you won't lose it. And can you see the loop on the end? You can put it on a chain (totally Mad Men!) or ribbon, which is a nice touch.

I wasn't specifically looking to buy fabric but Sew Hot had these beauties and I couldn't resist.
It was a delight to see Sun Print 2019, I had the text print from the 2014 collection and Alison Glass creates such great colourways, I knew I needed more. I snapped up the Path print in Love (white) and Sweet (pink). Text is a stash staple and these have such positive words!

Path in  Love and Sweet, Sun Print 2019 by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics

For no other reason than I absolutely LOVE her whole style and again I've had a previous incarnation of the leopard print fabric, I got these Anna Maria Horner prints to add to my collection.

Anna Maria Horner fabric, Passionflower and Tambourine

from left to right: Spotted in the Crowd in Prince, Tambourine; Keys in Toffee, Passionflower; Gyspy Heart in Waking, Tambourine; Lace in Marmalade, Passionflower and Spotted in the Crown in King, Tamourine - all by Anna Maria Horner.

If you can't tell I haven't really been keeping up with fabric releases recently, I feel like I missed a chunk of time or maybe sometimes it's so long between seeing prints on social media and when they actually get released that I've forgotten them or even worse can feel like I'm over them because they were everywhere!?! I've probably ranted about this before but I do feel like it takes so long between seeing sneak peeks and fabrics actually hitting shops.

Anyway I was happy to discover Looking Forward by Jen Kingwell because I hadn't seen a lot of it. With no specific plan or actual need, I bought a charm pack. That way I get a little of each print and can have a play about. True to my style I will probably break this pack up and use little bits in different projects, though then again you never know, I might surprise you and use it all in one place!

Looking Forward by Jen Kingwell Designs charm pack

What about you... Any favourites you always look out for? Is there a notion you can't get enough of?!