I am pleased as punch (stationery pun intended) with my Lever Arch file cover, designed to pretty up those boring plain files. Mine has been filled with sewing patterns but you can use it for whatever you like! Keep it simple using one fabric or add in some patchwork and embellish to your hearts content. There are so many possibilities for personalising this with patchwork, appliquΓ© or embroidery. 

The spine of the file has a vinyl pocket for a label, so it is practical as well as pretty.

This first edition was made with Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis Textiles as the main fabric and a strip of hand sewn clamshells (begun as a sample while I was teaching).

Next I made one for work and today was a super exciting day because Tula Pink came to the studio and was absolutely enchanting (watch the interview below)! The whole All Stars range and her amazing tools were featured on Sewing Quarter.

Of course I had to use the fabulous Frog Prince print, I love that it also has a bee. I added a strip of the Racoon print in Agave and the lining is Tent Stripe in Begonia, you can just see it peeking out of the bottom. 

I also made a fabric pocket with snap fastening and the best eyelets I've ever used - surprisingly easy to insert and I didn't even need my husbands help! 

And a vinyl zip case, also with eyelets (which I accidentally put it in back to front - because I attached them on the front rather than working from the back - it works, just a cosmetic error!).

I am writing up the patterns for these designs so they will be featured on Sewing Quarter soon.

Since I am a fan girl I couldn't resist asking Tula to sign the cover, which she kindly did with a pink Sharpie! I'm treasuring it!

If you would like the pattern for the Lever Arch file cover it is available from Sewing Quarter in kits, they may be sold out so give their call centre a ring to see what is in stock. Kits will be aired again soon so check the schedule or follow me on instagram!

To see the Lever Arch file cover being made, watch the video below (the demo is at 3:06:20) but you probably want to watch the whole thing because there are 2 hours of Tula Pink in person!

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