Having bought glasses from Firmoo before I happily agreed to review another pair. My last pair were the typical black framed geek glasses, I'm sticking with the theme but this time opted for a large ombré style. 

I love the colours! They are neutral enough to go with everything but they are a bit different. The large lenses mean I hardly notice I'm wearing them and they are so lightweight, which is perfect because I wear them all day. Firmoo have loads of styles to choose from and they have a Daily New page where frames are updates everyday.

Firmoo have really great customer service and you get a case, cleaning cloth (literally the best one I've ever used!) and handy mini screwdriver keyring with your glasses. If you need some new glasses you can get a 15% discount on your first pair from Firmoo by clicking here.

And it wouldn't feel right not to show you the outtakes aka me looking totally gormless!