I was picking out fabrics for a new project today, a job I would normally do when the little one is napping but today she didn't so she joined in. Obviously I could have waited until later but why not have fun together?! We talked about all the colours since I'm making a rainbow coloured quilt - ok I say talked... I told her the names and she said 'ba!'. She's clearly her mother's daughter because she just wanted to hug it all:

I talk to my kids all the time and colours are a fun thing to learn but she's only one and barely talking so obviously it ended up like this:

Yeah. That's way more fun!!

One of the things I learnt after having my first child (and didn't fully achieve until after my second) was how crucial it is to do things for you. I do a lot for my family but I'm doing them no favours if I'm not taking time for myself and relaxing. So sometimes the two combine, though not often because let's face it sewing time is really more enjoyable (more peaceful, focused and probably safer) when they aren't around. There are things they can watch me do, or get involved in and occasionally we do that - like picking fabric, helping baste (the older kids), working on little projects and they even like to look at patterns in my sewing books to tell me what to make next. After all I also want to teach them that having a hobby is fun and there's no better way than for them to see me doing what I love.

I had my son help pick out fabric for his best friend who had a wobbly tooth and no tooth fairy cushion. Last night I made him this skull tooth cushion (my tutorial is here, this time I used 10" square of fabric):

We gave it to him at school this morning and just in time because his tooth fell out before school so he can use it tonight! At pick up he very sweetly gave me this home made jam as a thank you (thanks to his lovely mum!):

I am very in love with the label!

This is a totally hilarious and accurate video and after seeing it I watched a few more on their What's Up Moms? YouTube channel and would recommend watching it for an honest insight into general parenting and some great tips!

Live A Colorful Life