Thank you all for my birthday wishes! Here's this weeks really random...

Why has it taken me so long to realise it's much quicker to use a spoon to get baked beans out of the bottom of the tin as opposed to nearly breaking my wrist shaking it to get every last bean out?!

Joan has been singing the hokey cokey (hokey pokey if you're not in the UK), although she's made it her own by singing 'Okey dokey', which is really sweet but made me realise I say that a lot!

Since discovering the YouTube channel on my TV and realising I could hook up my phone/tablet to watch videos I have been gathering tips on applique. This is a great trick for centering circles:

and I'm TOTALLY addicted to watching Jan Patek Quilts. She's so genuine, explains all the steps thoroughly and gives great advice. She has a fabulous introduction to applique:

She has a whole series about applique basics, I'm working my way through them all!

Finally oh how this makes me smile. I realise it's an advert but it has such a feel good message:

Live A Colorful Life