Ok my original list wasn't very creative but then I knew there were things I needed to make but couldn't remember so it's time for an update...

- Christmas gifts for kid's school teachers - need ideas!!
- Christmas ornaments - planned but not started
- Quilt for one of my best friends Giant Chevron Quilt - done!

and I'm adding:

- yoga bag - I started making this for a gift last Christmas but what with being so heavily pregnant I never finished it. This will be the year!

- custom quilt order - since I'm being paid this really has to be done.

- dresses for the girls - I have wanted to do this for a long time (when there was only 1 girl!) so I think I should finally get round to it before they get much bigger and I need more fabric ;) I have had the supplies to make a dress since I started blogging, how sad that it's been tucked away all that time!


We announced the theme for le challenge, this month make anything based on the theme PRECIOUS and link up on December 15th!