Happy Monday! It's a bank holiday here, which means I've had my husband at home so a bit more of a chance to work on my quilt :)

I don't have any space to have a design wall, I use my floor! The wall next to my sewing machine is full of pictures, mostly from our trips before we had children ;)

With two kids running around I sew a lot after bedtime but sometimes I might layout a block in preparation. This becomes a problem. There's no way I'm leaving a good arrangement laying around and there's no longer many spaces out of arms reach, so to keep things organised I came up with a neat solution:

I realised 12.5" blocks can be pinned neatly onto a cushion! I have been doing each layout for the blocks of the sampler quilt by pinning them in the design I want to sew. So far they're not interested in this strange pin cushion and I just pop it on top of the books on my desk ready to pick up later! It's a great solution when you don't have much space and also helps me keep on track with what goes where!

Here's some blocks pinned, ready to sew into four patches to sew to the sashing for the quilt-a-long (while my son plays with Playdough! Actually after I took this picture we had a good game making and playing Octonauts. Cue me doing my best Captain Barnacles impression!).

I have finished all 12 blocks of the quilt-a-long from Crazy Mom Quilts, I laid them out but actually once the top is finished it will have sashing, a border and those four patches!
I'm really happy with my blocks though and itching to get it finished:

I've also done some cutting for my next quilt (I know, I know... I always seem to be doing fifty things at once!). I'll show you those next time because I've not taken pictures yet.

Off to sew, hope you had a happy Monday :)